WGN-TV celebrates 25 years of ‘Friends’ with marathon on 25th anniversary, Sunday, Sept 22 at 6pm

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WGN-TV Celebrates 25 Years of “Friends” with Marathon

on 25th Anniversary, Sunday, September 22 

CHICAGO, September 17, 2019 – Chicago’s Very Own TV home of “Friends” is throwing a celebration the same night the classic sitcom marks its 25th anniversary.  Sunday, September 22, WGN-TV will present a three-hour primetime “Friends” marathon filled with memorable moments starting at 6pm with the pilot episode that premiered the same night 25 years ago.

Friends” fans are invited to enter a contest at WGNTV.com/Contests for a chance at winning a pair of tickets to a FATHOM Fan Event broadcast of a “Friends” marathon at the Regal City North Stadium 14 Cinemas located at 2600 N. Western Avenue in Chicago.  WGN will be giving away five pairs for the September 28 screening and five pairs for the October 2 screening!

Looking for an Insta moment?  The Central Perk couch made famous on “Friends” is hitting the road on a world tour and Chicago is one of the stops!  Thirty replicas of that burnt orange, comfy, coffeehouse couch (where Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey shared laughter, tears and endless conversations for 10 seasons on the NBC sitcom) will be arriving at landmark sites across the globe, including stops at Chicago’s Maggie Daley Park on September 21 and the Willis Tower Skydeck on September 20-22.

Starting October 5 and running every Saturday thereafter, WGN-TV will air “Saturday Night with Friends” themed mini-marathons each Saturday from 6-9pm.  Tune in for the “The Ones with Ross & Rachel,” “The Ones with Chandler & Monica,” “The Ones Where They Go to Work,” “The Ones with the Guest Stars” and more!

WGN-TV has been airing “Friends” since 1998.

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