WGN-TV to air seasons 7 & 8 of ‘Backstory with Larry Potash’ Saturday nights beginning March 6

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CHICAGO, February 24, 2021— Chicago’s Very Own WGN-TV will premiere the seventh and eighth seasons of Backstory with Larry Potash, with all-new episodes airing on Saturday nights, beginning March 6 at 10:30pm CT. Larry explores the backstory behind some of the most intriguing tales in history, culture, religion and science from Chicago and beyond. Encores air Sundays at 11pm CT on WGN-TV. All broadcasts of Backstory with Larry Potash are also livestreamed at WGNTV.com/Live and the “Watch Live” link on the WGN-TV News mobile app.

Viewers who want to catch up on previous seasons of Backstory can watch featured videos at WGNTV.com/Backstory as well as download podcasts via iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher or wherever podcasts are available. Podcasts will also include all-new exclusive/digital-only stories. In addition, select stories from new episodes will be available the week after each episode premieres.

Some of Season 7’s topics will include:

  • The story of a boy’s determination to get a new dog. As he writes to the White House, he is put in touch with Jackie Kennedy. Also, Illinois’ role in the slave trade.
  • A mysterious explosion amidst Illinois’ beautiful prairie that leads to a mission of healing. Also, a peek into the catalogue of sports icons from a pioneering black photographer.
  • The story of the man who took on the automotive world’s “Big Three,” and the lasting legacy of his innovations. Also, the history of beer.
  • A groundbreaking cartoonist who spoke truth to power. Also, the forgotten Chicago crime figure who ruled the city well before Capone.

Some of Season 8’s topics will include:

  • The moving story of the former Naval officer who fought the government he served for the recognition he and others deserved. Also, Chicago’s role in the history of bicycles.
  • The story of the pioneering women’s basketball team in Chicago and their lasting legacy. Also, the small Illinois town that’s built a spectacular tribute to its record-breaking number of servicemen.
  • The harrowing story of an “atomic veteran” who was a guinea pig for the U.S. government. Also, the science and history behind race.
  • A deep dive into the last major train robbery in the United States. Also, Chicago’s hidden Civil War history.

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