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WGN Morning News finished the November sweep #1 with Adults 25-54 at 4am, 5am, 6am, 7am, and 9am, beating its nearest competition by a wide margin from 6am-10am. Each of WGN’s Early Morning Newscasts grew their Adults 25-54 ratings from last year: 4am News: +50%, 5am News: +25%, 6am News: +15%, 7am News: +16%, and 9am News: +31%. WGN was also the only station in the market to grow its Adults 25-54 ratings from last November from 7-9am and 9-10am. WGN Morning News also continues its 11-year reign as the #1 rated news from 6-9am with Adults 25-54.

M-F 4-5am News M-F 5-6am News
Nov’21RTG(000)Rank Nov’21RTG(000)Rank
WGN0.618.3#1 WGN1.031.4#1
WFLD0.13.4#4 WFLD0.24.9#4
WLS0.413.4#2 WLS0.927.9#2
WMAQ0.25.5#3 WMAQ0.38.6#3
WBBM0.11.6#4 WBBM0.12.9#5
M-F 6-7am News M-F 7-9am News
Nov’21RTG(000)Rank Nov’21RTG(000)Rank
WGN1.545.0#1 WGN2.264.5#1
WFLD0.37.7#4 WFLD0.39.7#4
WLS1.131.8#2 WLS1.131.7#2
WMAQ0.514.2#3 WMAQ0.720.5#3
WBBM0.26.6#5 WBBM0.26.2#5
M-F 9-10am
Nov’21 ProgramRTG(000)Rank
WGNWGN 9am News1.751.5#1
WFLDGood Day Chicago 9A0.38.8#4
WLSLive W/ Kelly & Ryan0.616.6#2
WMAQToday 3rd Hour0.514.6#3
WBBMDrew Barrymore0.25.9#5


Daytime Chicago, the new lifestyle show hosted by Amy Rutledge and Tonya Francisco that premiered on September 13th, finished the November sweep #1 in its time period with Adults 25-54 and grew the time period by +29% from last November.

M-F 10-11am
Nov’21 ProgramRTG(000)Rank
WGNDaytime Chicago0.927.1#1
WFLDWendy Williams0.4  11.0#4
WLSThe View0.719.5#2
WMAQToday H&J0.410.9#4
WBBMPrice is Right0.720.9#2


WGN News at 11am finished the November sweep as the #1 Midday News with Adults 25-54 and grew its rating +10% from last November. WGN was only 1 of 2 stations to grow year-over-year with Midday News.

 M-F Midday Newscasts
Nov’21 RTG(000)Rank
WGN 1.131.6#1
WFLD 0.411.9#3
WLS 0.824.9#2
WMAQ 0.39.1#5
WBBM 0.412.2#3


WGN News at 4pm finished #2 in the time period with Adults 25-54, beating WMAQ’s 4pm News by 33%, WFLD’s 4pm News by 300%, and Judge Judy on WBBM by 33%. WGN News at 5pm finished tied for #2 with Adults 25-54, beating WBBM’s 5pm News by 80% and WFLD’s 5pm News by 200%. WGN News at 6pm finished #3, beating WBBM’s 6pm News by 125%. 


WGN News at Nine finished the November Sweep as the #1 9pm News with Adults 25-54, beating WFLD’s 9pm News by 183%. WGN News at Ten finished #3 with Adult 25-54, beating WBBM’s 10pm News by 120%.

 M-F Late News
WGN 9P1.750.3#1 
WFLD 9P0.618.5#2 
WGN 10P1.134.2#3 
WLS 10P1.957.4#1 
WMAQ 10P1.648.3#2 
WBBM 10P0.516.1#4 


The following weekend newscasts finished #1 or #2 in their time periods with Adults 25-54. Most newscasts also had strong growth from last November.

Nov’21RTG(000)RankYOY Growth
WGN SAT 7A News0.823.6#2+ 14%
WGN SAT 8A News1.031.2#2+ 25%
WGN SAT 9A News0.721.3#2+ 17%
WGN SAT 5P News0.925.8#1+ 14%
WGN SAT 9P News1.234.9#1– 14%
WGN SUN 7A News0.926.4#2+ 80%
WGN SUN 8A News1.338.0#2+ 63%
WGN SUN 9P News1.750.3#1+ 13%

(Source: Chicago NSI Overnights; Nov 2021 sweep (10/28-11/24); Adults 25-54, Live+SD). YOY% based on ratings

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