WGN-TV Family Charities

WGN-TV Family Charities, a McCormick Foundation Fund, is focused on creating opportunities for children and families to help them fulfill their potential.  The charity hopes to bring awareness to various organizations and to enlist community support to help make a difference in the lives of families throughout the Chicago area.

 WGN-TV Family Charities fundraises on behalf of six different charities:  Greater Chicago Food Depository, Off the Street Club, Christmas in the wards, Chicago Habitat for Humanity, Chicago Scholars, and Red Cross.  All grants will be matched by the McCormick Foundation at fifty cents on the dollar. With the Foundation paying all campaign and administrative expenses, one hundred percent of all donations, plus the match, are granted to qualified nonprofit organizations. WGN-TV Family Charities, in conjunction with the Robert R. McCormick Foundation, gave away $100,000 in grants for 2021 and is looking forward to doing more in 2022!