Where to find the BEST Chicago-Style BBQ

Chicago's Best

Sweet, smoky and oh-so-savory… that’s right, we’re talking Chicago-style barbeque! For a bit of history, we interview celebrated food writer Mike Gebert about this cuisine which has been served in Chicago for nearly 90 years. This specific kind of barbeque has roots going back to the Great Migration.

First, Elliott revisits one of the south side’s best spots, Alice’s Bar-B-Q, for hot links. Next, Marley seeks out a perfectly-smoked turkey leg served with homemade sides at Slab BBQ. Then she finds Lexington Betty Smoke House, a growing barbeque business known for its brisket platter. And finally, it’s all in the family at Coleman’s BBQ #2 when Elliott learns the secret to one of his faves: rib tips.

Mike Gebert is the editor of Fooditor.com — check out his site!


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