Relax with these 4 must-try summer favorites

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We’ve waited all winter long for an episode like this!

Elliott and Marley are claiming their seat on the patio because Chicago summer has finally arrived. It’s time to dig into eats perfect for the hot weather.

Kicking things off, Elliott shows us the number one-way Chicagoans cool down during sunny season, homemade Italian ice. He’s stopping by Little Lulu’s Italian Ice to smash a few melons and learn the secret to a perfect batch of watermelon ice.

Then, Marley proves it’s not summertime Chi without visiting a traditional hot dog stand. She’s off to Fratellos Hot Dogs for two summertime staples, a polish sausage and an Italian beef.

Next, Elliott heads to a patio in Lakewood Balmoral to chow down on must-try pizza at Pizzeria Aroma.

Lastly, Marley discovers Monnie Burke’s in Pilsen where they are serving up the perfect summertime taco topped with blueberry mole.


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