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A lot has changed in the two years since we released our controversial Top 10 Pizza list. One thing that hasn’t- your love for a good slice! So we’ve decided to update our list… and despite the name calling and questions of pizza ethics, we’re sticking with our methods. Behold (once again) the Top 10 Pizza Places in Chicagoland according to you, our viewers.* And don’t forget to tune in to WGN-TV tonight at 8pm for Chicago’s Best Presents: Piece of the Pie… the scandalous history of deep dish pizza!

  1. Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company: Like it or not, the pizza pot pie at this Lincoln Park institution is, in fact, pizza. Wanna know how we know? It says so in the damn name! It doesn’t hurt that Chicagoans have been lining up for this true original since 1972 either. So grab a seat in one of the classic wood paneled booths and open your mind… turns out pizza’s good no matter how you slice it!
  2. Jimmy’s Pizza Cafe: There’s no denying Chicago is a deep-dish kinda town, but don’t tell that to our pizza list runner up. Sometimes you just want a giant, greasy slice of pep to fold up and shove down your gullet. Whether you’re hung over or just in a hurry, you know our number two has got you more than covered.
  3. Villa Nova Pizzeria: Coming in at numero tres- Stickney’s favorite (and maybe oldest!) pizza joint is doing tavern-style thin crust right! What, you may ask, is tavern-style thin crust? Square cut, sauce to the edge, and topped with a heaping portion of Italian sausage. Get ya napkins ready… it’s about to get messy!
  4. Bartoli’s Pizzeria: Where’s the deep dish?! Where’s the deeeeeep dish?! Stop your whining you cry babies! You know we weren’t gonna make it much further down this list without a thick, juicy, knife-and-fork necessary slice of the good stuff. Our new number four doesn’t screw around with the formula and that’s why they’ve been topping best-of lists across Chicagoland since day one!
  5. Nino’s Pizzeria: Back-to-back deep dish now we’re talkin’ oh mama this is what you’ve been waiting for! (deep breath… deep breath) Sorry ‘bout that. We got a little… excited. Now normally the southwest side is known for its thin-crust, but Nino’s in Alsip knows how to straight slay a deep dish pie. Grandma and Grandpa were doin’ it in 1948 and generation number three continues serving up the meaty goodness. To. This. Day.
  6. Al’s Pizza: Sometimes when you do something so damn well you just don’t need to do anything else… and that’s how it goes at our number six joint, Al’s Pizza. Thin crust, baked in a pan, and paid for with straight cash homie- Katie and her team of boys know how to make one hell of a pizza… just don’t ask for mozzarella sticks.
  7. Pequod’s Pizza: It doesn’t get much more beloved than the signature caramelized crust at Pequod’s in Lincoln Park, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. We absolutely respect you as a person if you don’t like Pequod’s. Absolutely. You’re a-okay in our book… aww, who are we kidding?! Pequod’s is about as Chicago as it gets and if you can’t get behind that we might just have to find you a new hometown.
  8. My Pi: Deep dish… slices?! No, your vision isn’t going, Grandma. The number eight joint on our list knows that sometimes Chicagoans just don’t have time to eat the whole damn pizza. The crew at My Pi’s been serving up slices of deep dish since the seventies and topping it off with a sauce so secret not even the owner’s son knows the recipe!
  9. Chicago Pizza Boss: We know what you’re thinking… pizza… from a truck?! No thanks. Think again, bucco! The Pizza Boss truck is a 24,000 pound brick-oven toting pizzeria on wheels. Everything is made from-scratch, to-order and believe you me, this stuff is as good as anything you’re gonna get in Italy.
  10. Pizza Castle: Right in the heart of the southwest side is a classic thin-crust joint fit for a king! The Jensen clan and their original Faulds Oven has been serving Gage Park for nearly 50 years and if you find yourself in the neighborhood on Halloween you can do some trick-or-treating like it’s meant to be done… with a square of thin crust pizza!

…these go to 11!

Honorable Mention goes to Mel’s Pizza in Elgin and Jerk Taco Man in Garfield Park for their “Bonus Bite” pizzas!

*Based on the most-viewed segments on the Chicago’s Best YouTube Channel. Don’t like our methods? Send us your list on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or the Chicago’s Best App and we might just share it with the world!


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