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After working her 9-5 job, Carol Boyd packs up her car with 50+ home-cooked meals to distribute to those living on the streets of Chicago. This isn’t just a one-time occurrence. Carol does this three nights a week, year round.

In the segment below, you’ll see what a typical night is like for Carol. You’ll meet her friends, hear her life story, and find out why, when asked to describe Carol, so many of the people we spoke to came up with the same word: angel.

But just as remarkable is what you don’t see. You don’t see the 20 people Carol’s taken in over the years, people who would otherwise be living on the streets. You don’t see her prepping meals on her nights “off.” And it’s impossible to capture all of the lives she’s touched in just a three and a half minute segment. But you are getting a glimpse at the remarkable life of someone dedicated to helping others and giving back.

To learn more about Carol and how to donate, click the link here.