Where to find Chicago’s most outrageous food challenges

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Chicago’s got some Outrageous Eats! Leave it to our dare devil hosts, Elliott and Marley to taste them all! This jaw-dropping show is all about going big and breaking records.

Marley’s kicking thigs off with a spicy wings challenge at Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap in River North. She finds herself in a nightmare surrounded by ghosts, habaneros, scorpions and Carolina reapers…peppers that is. Bring on the XXXX wings! (Yes, that’s 4 x’s)

Next, leave it to Elliott to cool things off with a ginormous cocktail! He’s takin’ down a homemade Bloody Mary topped with all of Highway House’s signature menu items.

Then, Marley’s in McHenry for a breakfast so big, it’s served on a pizza pan! Marley and two regulars are at Windmill Pancake Parlor to take on the biggest breakfast ever featured on Chicago’s Best – it’s the IRONMAN CHALLENGE.

Wrapping things up, it’s Elliott’s time to shine. He’s more determined than ever to finish an eating challenge for the first time in his six years on the show! Bring on the Zeus burger at Apolis Greek Street Food!


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