Bring the kids to these family-friendly favorites

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You know what they say; food is the key to a kid’s heart. And frankly, food is the key to our hearts too. Elliott and Marley are channeling their inner child as they head to Chicago’s Best Kid-Friendly spots.

To start off, Elliott is at Iron Horse Ale House, where they are throwing that whole “don’t play with your food” rule out the window. They are handing out pizza dough for all the kids to play with and you better believe Elliott is getting in on that action.

Then, Marley is off to Amy’s Candy Bar, where she’s making a homemade s’mores bar that is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Next, Elliott brings his dogs to Mott Street for one of the best burgers in the city!

Lastly, Marley heads to Mary’s Morning Mix Up, which may have more kids in it than an entire school. While she’s there, she makes a smiley face pancake, that will leave a smile on anyone’s face that eats it!


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