Top 10 Hot Dog Joints in Chicagoland… The Update!

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With Wednesday July 19th being National Hot Dog Day we figured it was time to re-visit one of our favorite subjects! Right up there with beef and pizza the humble dog is always a topic of heated discussion amongst Chicagoans and we’re here to set the record straight. Without further ado… again… here are the top 10 dogs in Chicagoland according to you, our viewers!*

  1. 35th Street Red Hots: Birdgeport is home to some of the finest dogs in the city, but maybe none finer than the Depression-style Dog at 35th Street Red Hots. Cooked in a ceramic crock and rolled up with fresh cut fries- this baby may seem simple, but there’s no denying it hits those tastebuds out of the park!
  2. Gene & Jude’s: “Old-School” doesn’t even begin to describe the west burb’s favorite dog. Gene & Jude’s also loads up their hot dogs with fresh cut fries and while there’s some controversy over exactly who was the first to do it one thing is abundantly clear- you won’t be able to eat just one!
  3. Superdawg: Hiya! Thanks for stoppin’! One of just eight spots that the show has visited twice (200th Episode!) Superdawg boasts the first Chicago-style dog on our list. Swap out a red tomato for a pickled green, throw in crinkle-cut fries, and take down this north side vintage beauty directly from the comfort of your own car!
  4. Mel’s Pizza: Some might wonder why a pizza joint is gracing our hot dog list. Those people have clearly never tried the Crazy Andy! Split a dog down the middle, fill it with cheddar cheese, wrap in bacon, roll in pizza dough, and drown in a deep fryer for a crispy, crunchy, oeey-gooey hot dog delight!
  5. Gina’s: Bensenville’s beloved Gina’s has been doin’ it right since the mid-70’s. Depression-Style is the name of the game and Gina’s isn’t cutting any corners. Added bonus for the kiddies- if you absolutely must eat your dog with the “k” word- the folks at Gina’s won’t judge!
  6. Scooby’s Hot Dogs: Chicago-style makes its second appearance on our list and this is about as classic as you’re gonna find it. All the greatest hits are here: mustard, relish, chopped onions, tomato wedge, pickle, peppers, and celery salt round out a dog you learned to love a long time ago!
  7. Skyway Dog House: Head about as far south and east as you can and before you hit Indiana make a stop at Skyway Dog House. Vienna Beef gets a lot of love on this list but another secret is the Rosen’s bun and Skyway is steaming ’em up just right.
  8. Murphy’s Red Hots: Foot long char dog in the house! Murphy’s does it Chicago-style just bigger and crispier. Split the dog down the middle, get those toasty grill marks on there, and then go to town on a true Lakeview original!
  9. Jeff’s Red Hots: Six Corners stakes it claim with Jeff’s- home of the chili dog. A snappy Vienna Beef topped with chili, cheese, and onions is always a solid go-to, but if you’re feeling nostalgic top your chili with some classic Chicago-style goodness!
  10. Chubby Wieners: If you’re in the mood to feel the burn Chubby Wieners in Lincoln Square is wrapping a dog in bacon, deep-frying it, and topping it with spicy mustard, pico, and straight-up jalapeño peppers. It may not be Chicago-style, but the Señor Gordo is a 10 in our book!

…these go to 11!

Honorable Mention goes to Byron’s Hot Dogs in Uptown where we featured a burger, but you know we took down some dogs while we were there!

*Based on the most-viewed segments on the Chicago’s Best YouTube Channel. Don’t like our methods? Send us your list on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or the Chicago’s Best App and we might just share it with the world!


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