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The best part about pizza is the toppings, but there’s one classic Chicago topper we can’t resist: sausage!  Behold, the top 9 (get it, Top 9 on Ch. 9?) sausage pizzas in Chicagoland according to you, our viewers.* Cheesy, fresh-out-the-oven, and downright delicious, whether it’s thick or thin, sweet or savory – you’re sure to find something you like in the list below. Happy eating!

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9. Papa Del’s: This sausage pizza is LEGENDARY on U of I’s campus,
so we even took the long trip down to see for ourselves. No disappointment
here: with thick layers of crust, cheese, sauce and fresh-squeezed sausage,
it’s no wonder Papa Del’s is a college staple.
Location: 1201 S Neil St Champaign, IL 61820

8. Joe’s Italian Villa: Down in Palos Heights is a southwest specialty
you can’t miss – thin crust sausage pizza. Their secret: pork butt ground
in house that pairs damn well with beer. Plus, the place has been open
since WWII so you know they have the recipe perfected!
Location: 12207 Harlem Ave, Palos Heights, IL 60463

7. Rosangela’s: Kick it old school with classic tavern-style sausage
pizza in Evergreen Park. You know the crust will always be thin and
crunchy, the sauce pushed to the edge and cut in squares for a nice
meaty bite. They’ve been making this south side staple the same way
since the ’50’s but hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!
Location: 2807 1/2 W 95th St, Evergreen Park, IL 60805

6. Palermo’s of 63rd: This straight-out-of-Sicily recipe is a guarded
secret imported from the boot. Their memorable sweet sauce makes
this classic unique, while the spicy sausage is so fresh, you’d think they
brought the cows in right from the streets of Chicago! And – you might
even catch a few local celebs (like Dennis Lick) chowing down.
Location: 3751 W 63rd St, Chicago, IL 60629

5. Panino’s Pizzeria: We’ve got some great art museums in Chicago,
but the folks at Panino’s have perfected the art of pizza (which, let’s
be honest, is the only kind of art we’re interested in). They’re even
first place finishers on the United States Pizza Team. Make sure you
take it to go for a tasty night in while watching Chicago’s Best!
Location: 3702 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL 60613

4. Lino’s: Honestly, one of the only reasons we’d leave Chicagoland
to eat some pizza. Rockford-style is the Goldilocks of pizza: crust
that’s not too thick, and not too thin. The cheese is made by the
restaurants own cheese maker, and a dozen members of the same family
are running are joint, so you’ll always get the family-style love here.
Location: 5611 E State St, Rockford, IL 61108

3. Pie-Eyed Pizzeria: This spot was left off another top 10 list of ours
and you weren’t having it. We didn’t need anymore convincing when
we heard they top their signature cheese with sausage, soppressata,
pepperoni, applewood smoked bacon and red pepper for a truly monstrous pie.
Location: 1111 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60642

2. Pizza Castle: Right in the heart of the southwest side is a classic
thin-crust joint fit for a king! The Jensen clan and their original Faulds
Oven has been serving Gage Park for nearly 50 years, and the flavor never falters!
Location: 3256 W 55th St, Chicago, IL 60632

1. Nino’s Pizza: Oh mama this is what you’ve been waiting for!
Now, normally the southwest side is known for its thin-crust, but
Nino’s in Alsip knows how to straight slay a deep dish pie. Grandma
and Grandpa were doin’ it in 1948 and generation number three
continues serving up the meaty goodness. To. This. Day.
Location: 4835 W 111th St, Alsip, IL 60803

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*Based on most-viewed segments on YouTube for sausage pizza category.



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