Chicago’s Best Cheesy Bites

Chicago's Best

Bring on the cheese pulls! Marley and Elliott are stopping by spots serving up Chicago’s Best cheesy bites.

Elliott kicks things off at Chez Simo Bistro in Ravenswood. While there, he tastes their famous French Onion Soup and tries to set a record for the longest cheese pull. We must admit, it was pretty impressive!

Next, Marley’s at Ganbeii in Lincoln Park for cheese fries with a twist. This delicious cheesy bite is topped with smoked pork and a secret sauce.

Then, what would a cheesy bites show be without pizza? Marley’s at Chicago’s Pizza in Old Irving Park for pizza stuffed to perfection.

Finally, it is time for dessert! Elliott wraps things up with a creamy and delicious peanut butter & chocolate cheesecake from Eméché Cakery & Café


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