Bring On The Best Donuts

Chicago's Best

The time for donuts has finally arrived! This episode confirms – you can have donuts for any meal of the day, or more realistically every meal of every day.

First stop, Dunk Donuts in Melrose Park puts Elliott to work constructing their famous cake donut topped with homemade vanilla buttercream and sprinkles.

Next up, Marley’s in Roscoe Village for a maple and bacon donut that could sweeten any morning! With a name like Dip and Sip, it’s easy to imagine what we were up to at this mom-and-pop joint.

Then, Elliott takes lessons from Chicago cuisine royalty, the Turano family! This perfect imagining of a donut meets a croissant is second to none, cue the dossant at Chicago Pastry. Did we mention it’s filled with their famous cannoli cream?

Finally, grab some coffee and wake up your sweet tooth because The White Sheep’s Cookies and Cream donut is one for the books!


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