4 Outrageous and Calorific Favorites

Chicago's Best

Bring on the calories! Elliott and Marley are taking down dishes of epic proportions. Let’s just say each meal may or may not be a couple days worth of calories.

Elliott starts off in Oak Forest at Doug’s Dog’s where he learns all about The Bengal Challenge. Will he finish an 8 patty burger and fries in under 6 minutes? Only time will tell.

Next, Marley stops by Sapori Napoletani in Old Norwood Park for a true Italian calzone that is bigger than her plate!

Then, calling all cookie lovers! Elliott is at Pie, Pie My Darling in Humboldt Park for a cake overflowing with delicious homemade cookies.

Finally, Marley discovers Pierce Tavern in Downers Grove where they are serving up all their famous house-smoked meats on one extra large platter.


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