4 Must-Try Bacon Dishes

Chicago's Best

Savory and salty goodness in a strip! That’s right, this week we’re talking all things bacon.

First, Elliott joins Niko’s Breakfast Club in Oak Lawn. There, he combines two breakfast staples (bacon and eggs, of course) to create an omelet loaded with bacon, cheese and avocado.

Then, he stops by the Shrimp Shack in Garfield Ridge. He learns how to make a savory shrimp dish, combined with jalapeno, all wrapped in bacon, and then fried to golden perfection.

Next, Marley heads to Sebastian’s in Brookfield, where our star ingredient is the focus of their menu. She makes a burger packed inside and outside with bacon!

And finally, Elliott checks out Cafe Olympic in Crystal Lake – where he goes on a hero’s journey to create a triple-decker sandwich with not just bacon, but also bacon gravy, need we say more?


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