Dear Tom,
Last year’s snow-free season seems to be one of the shortest in terms of time between the last and first snows and this season seems to be one of the longest between first and last snows. Any records?

Neil Libby, Glenview

Dear Neil,
Last year the last measurable snow of the season was 2.5 inches April 27 and the first fall snow was 1.2 inches Oct. 30, giving the city a 185-day snow-free period, far short of the record 164 days in 1989 between a 0.5-inch snowfall May 6 and 0.7 inches Oct. 18. So far this season, the snow period spans 171 days from Oct. 30- April 17, also far short of the city’s record 185-day snow season in 1953-54, from Nov. 5-May 5. We must remember that the book is not officially closed on this snow season, since the city has logged measurable snow as late as May 11 in 1966 with 0.2 inches.