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Fuheng Patients Tell Success Stories of Recovery from Nagging Cough After Taking Dr. Zhang's Cough Herbal Tea

Dr. Dalong Zhang

Dr. Dalong Zhang

Cough Herbal Tea

Cough Herbal Tea

Dr. Dalong Zhang's Effective Cough Herbal Tea (ZHI KE TANG) Treats Nagging Cough Caused by Covid, Flu, Common Cold and Other Conditions.

This herbal tea is created to boost patients’ immune system. The anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties in this tea help patients fight infection effectively and speed up recovery.”
— Dr. Dalong Zhang, Founder of Fuheng Herbs
SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 16, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Fuheng Herbs, a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice, today announced some of its patients’ success stories of recovery from long and nagging cough caused by a variety of conditions including Covid, Post-Covid, Flu, common cold and more. The key to the successful and effective treatment is Dr. Zhang’s unique combination of Chinese herbs that are brewed into tea, called ZHI KE TANG. Patients reported fast recovery within two to seven days of taking Fuheng’s cough herbal tea. Patients living in the Silicon Valley area or the Bay Area can get this herbal tea at Fuheng Herbs located at 3595 Homestead Road, Santa Clara, CA. For those that are not in the area, they can easily order it via Fuheng Herbs’ ecommerce site at www.fuhengherb.scom or call (877) 800-8588.

“It is gratifying to see something work so well for my patients,”said Dr. Dalong Zhang, founder of Fuheng Herbs. “This herbal tea is created to boost patients’ immune system and improve their overall health. The anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties in this tea help patients fight infections effectively and speed up recovery.”

Patients tell their success stories:

Nicole Pan recovered from Covid but post-Covid, she experienced a persistent dry cough especially at night. For two straight weeks, the dry cough not only disturbed her sleep but also her husband’s. Nicole commented: “My husband helped find a solution because he found Dr. Zhang. After taking Dr. Zhang’s cough herbal tea for two days, my dry cough subsided substantially. Within a few days, my cough was completely gone. My husband and I can finally have quality and uninterrupted sleep. Because Dr. Zhang’s cough herbal tea is so effective, I recovered from this post-Covid condition so quickly. This is a miracle. My mom recently became Dr. Zhang’s patient for general health improvement. I highly recommend Dr. Zhang to everyone.”

Mingyu Chong had Covid back in September 2022. Even though she recovered from Covid within seven days, she experienced an almost five-month long cough with phlegm and mucus day and night. She took all kinds of cough medicine, cough syrups but nothing worked. After taking Dr. Zach’s cough herbal tea for two days, her condition improved drastically. She said: “I am on my fourth day of taking Dr. Zhang’s cough herbal tea and I am almost 100% there. Dr. Zhang’s cough herbal tea is magic. Thank you Dr. Zhang.”

Jennifer had a cough along with phlegm and mucus for quite a few weeks. The cough was a result of her sinus infection. After taking Dr. Zhang’s Cough Herbal Tea for two days, her cough completely stopped and phlegm and mucus were gone. “I cannot believe how fast this herbal tea helped me recover from weeks’ long cough. Thanks to Dr. Zhang’s herbal tea, my sinus infection was also treated at the same time. This is amazing.”

About Dr. Dalong Zhang, LAc
Dr. Zhang came from a family that has a long history (five generations) of practicing traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Western medicine. Dr. Zhang’s specialties include precision of clinical diagnosis, highly effective energy therapy, and unparalleled methods of acupuncture. He treats a variety of conditions, such as spinal asymmetry, acute and chronic pains, infertility, hypertension, diabetes, post-COVID conditions, and more. He recently launched his flagship Chinese herbal medicine store, providing patients in the Silicon Valley community the convenience of getting their herbal teas, supplements, and herbs 24x7. Fuheng Herbs’ more than 1,500 Chinese herbal products are also being marketed and sold globally from its Ecommerce store at www.fuhengherbs.com. Fuheng Herbs provides multi-language customer support and service via (877) 800-8588.

To learn more, please visit www.fuhengherbs.com.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNZ2-APrMNU


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Dr. Dalong Zhang and Cough Herbal Tea

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