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"My Mother’s Way of Dying Well Revisited" delves into process of grief

My Mother's Way of Dying Well

My Mother's Way of Dying Well

1-My Mother's Way of Dying Well

2-My Mother's Way of Dying Well

Author Dianne Porter Recounts Grief During Her Mother's Passing

AUSTRALIA, January 26, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Dianne Porter recollects how she processed the grief of losing her parents in her memoir that serves to convey invaluable life lessons to readers everywhere. With "My Mother's Way of Dying Well: Reflections by the Author on Her Parents' Deaths" Porter shows readers how in mourning for her mother and father she found herself in a journey of faith that freed her soul.

Porter recounts the unexpected collection of her parent's ashes and how in dealing with her parents' remains she came to terms with their passing and also embarked on a personal pilgrimage that led to insightful realizations. She shows how this was the only way forward for her as circumstances left her with no choice, but through this ordeal her faith in God was strengthened.

Porter expresses how her Christian belief was renewed as she committed to the necessary tasks that come with the mourning process in order to find closure. This involved revisiting memories with her parents, remembering the gentle guidance of her mother at key times in her life, and the family trials they underwent. Remembering these enabled Porter to deal with the circumstances and ultimately carry on in a way that would make her parents proud.

With her memoir Porter hopes to help her readers navigate similar trials in life. Drawing from her experience as a nurse working in the aged care field for more than 30 years, she infuses the pages of her book with nuggets of wisdom and insight that will prove essential in their own moments of bereavement. She shares the challenges she confronted and the steps she took to deal with them, how the Christian faith her mother instilled her proved invaluable in that time of need, and how these lessons can be carried throughout life.

"I wrote this book as a case study for everyone. Families, all health care professionals, allied health workers, funeral directors and police officers by using myself and my experience as the subject. This is what really happened to me, not what a textbook says should happen. Life is infinitely more complex than a textbook can convey." Porter says.

About the Author
Dianne Porter has served as a nurse in the aged care field for more than 30 years. She is the mother of one child. For 15 years she owned and directed a private nursing service in the Canberra region and in 2018 she founded the Canberra Christian Writers Group. She is the 2022 President of the Fellowship of Australian Writers.

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My Mother's Way of Dying Well by Dianne Porter

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