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Artha, the Premium Assisted Living Home provides hi-tech Elderly care with compassion

Comfortable Elderly friendly accommodation at Artha

The rooms & care providers at Artha provide holistic living for the Elderly

The luxury senior care home based in Gurgaon caters to day-use facilities, independent and assisted living for the elderly

Artha Assisted home is a modern Senior care home based in Gurgaon

Artha Assisted Living for Seniors in Gurgaon

Artha Assisted Living for Seniors in Gurgaon

The Gurgaon-based luxury senior home provides modern facilities & amenities to enable safe, comfortable elderly living for long-term, short-term or daycare.

It’s important to focus on the happiness of our elderly. It’s time to give them respect at this age. At Artha, our 4-tiered care team works 24x7 to address the holistic living of our residents.”
— Vineet Jain, Founder & CEO, Artha Assisted Living
GURGAON, HARYANA, INDIA, December 22, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Most homes in India often lack customisations of facilities and amenities to cater to the needs of the elderly. According to NIH, In India, every year, nearly 1.5–2 million older people suffer injuries due to falls, and 1 million succumb to death due to falls. Psychological health consequences include depression, anxiety, the fear of falling, and a lack of self‐confidence.

Healthcare has moved leaps and bounds within the last decade. So, how does this translate to better elderly care? The residents at Artha, although, enjoy comfort and safety. Using the latest in technology and comfort aids, Artha has transformed senior care for its residents providing comfort and safety and adding value to holistic living for the elderly.

Luxury & Comfortable elderly living at Artha
The rooms and facilities bring in luxury and comfort to the lives of the residents. From high-speed internet to cable TV and air-conditioning in rooms and public areas, there has been a special emphasis on attention to detail to provide the extra edge to comfortable living for the elderly.

Safety for the elderly in Artha
Bedside alarms and emergency alarms in the bathroom trigger an alert on the monitor at the nurse station, allowing for a 20-seconds response time. Defibrillators allow for CPR if needed. The beds can be straightened or bent to allow for additional comfort and safety. Lights cover 100% of the public areas. The materials used in staircases include classy rails and non-slip mats that illuminate in the dark. Non-slip tiles cover rooms, bathrooms and public areas.

Regular day-to-day care for senior citizens
Well-trained caregivers and nurses man the facilities 24x7 and monitor the elderly needs and healthcare. Regular doctor visits back the in-house care. The care team creates a customized care plan for each resident, which factors into the resident's care needs and preferences and provides a framework for quality care services based on individual needs and lifestyle preferences. Customized meals based on medical conditions and choices are provided. Full-fledged physiotherapy facilities at Artha provide seniors with easy access to quality service. Artha Offers Short and Long-Term Stays, Memory Care, Post Surgery care, and Palliative care.

Why the need for safe and comfortable elderly care in India?
The life spans are increasing, which means more and more elders would need competent care in facilities beyond their homes. As families get more and more nuclear, the need for elderly care is a concern. Married children who are working often find it hard to find time for their parents. This translates into situations where the elderly are often found wanting. Often domestic injuries and falls are neglected or not properly cared for, leading to physical and emotional distress for senior citizens. There is a growing need for post-surgery care for the elderly. Also, lifestyle diseases like Blood Pressure fluctuations, Diabetes are rising. Today, many senior citizens also face issues with memory loss, Dementia, and Alzheimer's disease. Mobility can often be challenging in cases of disease, surgeries or for differently-able citizens; many elderly find themselves stuck to their beds and wheelchairs with bone and muscle concerns.

Artha - Luxury Assisted Home for the Elderly
Artha is a luxurious & modern senior care residence which has been custom-built for the specific needs of the elderly. Vineet Jain, the Founder & CEO of Artha, says, "Artha Assisted Living homes to provide senior citizens with a comfortable, safe and welcoming environment that ensures a high standard of living. The amenities at Artha allow for care at every step. From our safety amenities to our 24x7 manned nursing stations on each floor, we take extra care. Our vigilant emergency response enabled by alarms and displays, allow for a 20-seconds response time for the nurse to reach the elderly. Artha is fully wheelchair accessible and is laced with amenities that ensure safety and comfort, literally at every step within the premises. We have meticulously incorporated multiple safety features in rooms and public areas, which provide our residents with the confidence and comfort needed to go about the big and small things in life."

Vineet adds, “It’s important to focus on the need for a comfortable and safe living for our elderly. It’s time we realize the respect, care and attention our seniors deserve. Countries and societies are often rated on how they recognise the elderly in society. At Artha, our 4-tiered care team works round the clock to monitor and address the holistic living of our residents. Our modern safety-centric approach provides our elderly residents with the congeniality & flexibility they need."

Long and short terms elderly stays at Artha
From short day visits to independent or assisted living or care before and after surgery, Artha has all the modern amenities for elderly stays. Artha is backed by trained 24x7 assistance and regular doctor visits and health checks that enable a holistic approach to senior care. There are no obligations on the duration of the stay. Artha provides an excellent alternative for guest houses or hotels for the elderly while their family is away or if they visit the Delhi NCR region for surgery. Palliative care at Artha helps improve the quality of life of every elderly patient at any stage of a health condition, ailment, injury or disease. Artha aims to minimize any stress or pain and attempt to make the best transition to normalcy as much as possible so that they may lead and continue to live a more stress-free life. A society's credibility is often gauged by how it cares for its seniors.

In this fast, modern life and busy schedules, senior care is a must-have need. Artha provides holistic senior care services in its facilities. Living at Artha brings a truly enriching life experience for senior citizens.

Rahul Gupta
Artha Assisted Living
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Artha Assisted & Independent Living for Senior Citizens in Gurgaon

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