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Promoting Equality: Women in Sports- Arin Wright photographed by Thomas Chadwick

Arin Wright photographed by Thomas Chadwick

CHICAGO, Aug. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- In an era where gender equality is a focal point of global discussions, we must acknowledge the vital role of women in sports and the pressing need for fair pay and dedicated resources for female athletes. 

Female athletes often face systemic inequalities, pay disparities, limited exposure, and reduced sponsorship opportunities. And a topic that is rarely touched on is the challenge of starting a family.

Women must strategically time their pregnancies to coincide with the off-season. Also, their rigorous training schedules make nurturing their newborns difficult. 

The fear that pregnancy could end a female athlete's career is a harsh reality that looms. The physical changes and temporary hiatus from training due to pregnancy create setbacks in an athlete's competitive edge. This is a best-case scenario when the pregnancy and birth have no complications.

Arin Wright, a left-back for the Chicago Redstars soccer team, met a challenge that threatened to end her career when her first baby was born by cesarian.

Finding a physical therapist specializing in cesarian recovery and re-entry into elite sports is relatively impossible.

Because of this, it's rare that women who have had this surgery return to sport at all.

In Arin's case, she found only one example who had recovered from a cesarean surgery: Serena Williams. It was suggested Arin reach out to Williams to learn how she rehabilitated. It was an objectively impossible ask.

Women need to be paid more adequately to support their families and seek out specialized experts to guide their re-entry into elite sports. 

It is crucial for sports organizations and governing bodies to implement fair pay structures that reflect an athlete's skill, accomplishments, and impact on the sport. Additionally, women need resources that address the stresses that pregnancy and motherhood create. Providing access to training facilities, resources, and exposure will foster an environment where female athletes can thrive and inspire future generations.

Wright's incredible journey highlights her triumph and underscores the pressing need for greater support, resources, and understanding of female athletes' unique challenges, particularly in family planning and post-pregnancy recovery. Her resilience serves as an inspiration for improved support systems within the sports community, ensuring that all female athletes have the opportunity to flourish both on and off the field.

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