BERWYN, Ill. — A handgun was recovered and several students were taken into custody Friday morning at Morton West High School in Berwyn, according to police.

A shift commander for the Berwyn Police Department said a lockdown was initiated around 10 a.m. after two school resource officers learned a student was possibly armed.

As they investigated, the shift commander said officers found one handgun and took several students into custody. It’s not clear if any of the students are facing charges at this time.

No one was threatened with the gun, the shift commander said.

Once word got out about the situation, numerous parents played it safe and went to pick up their children early.

Juanita Chacon got word from her son Raul about the lockdown. An email alert went out to families.

High school senior Raul Chacon said because of the soft lockdown, he spent about two-and-a-half hours in his second-period class.

“There were people coming in to look around and they were checking garbage cans to see if kids threw weapons into garbage cans,” Raul said. “As soon as we left when the lockdown finally ended, there were cops right along the walls.”

After the soft lockdown was lifted, Raul said the school day went on like normal.

In the note sent to families, the district said it can’t provide additional details because this is considered a criminal investigation.

Berwyn police said they are still investigating.