Chicago photographer painstakingly recreates photos from a century ago


CHICAGO —  A Chicago photographer is breathing new life into photos taken of the city a century ago.

Mark Hersch has put together 300 images for six books. It all started with a love of history, architecture and photography.

“I just sort of became fascinated with imagery and memories it conjures up,” said Hersch. “I think it’s that emotional connection that I have that other people do too.”

The magic starts with the shooting and evolves through the editing. Hersch blends two photographs with the exact perspective.

Blending a moment in time a century apart isn’t a simple Photoshop.

“You can see how they match up. And the angle of street and sidewalk — that’s all things I make sure — so the angles and perspectives are just right. So pictures blend seamlessly together once I do the editing required,” Hersch explained.

Hersch primarily focuses on photos in the public domain, but he hopes to shoot other buildings that inspire an emotional attachment like universities and sports stadiums.


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