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(Motor Authority) – Lamborghini is set to reveal a new version of its Huracán supercar on Nov. 30 at 2022 Art Basel Miami, and on Monday the automaker confirmed it as the Huracán Sterrato.

The car is the production version of the Huracán Sterrato concept shown in 2019, with the new name, adopting the Italian word for “dirt,” signifying this version of the Huracán is ideal for rally-style dirt tracks and other rough surfaces.

One quick look at some early photos provided with Monday’s announcement is enough to realize this is no ordinary supercar. Raised suspension, underbody protection, bolt-on fender guards, driving lights, and roof racks all point to Lamborghini’s newest model being designed for heading off the pavement.

There’s extra significance for the Huracán Sterrato: it’s confirmed as the last Lamborghini to be powered purely by a combustion engine. Starting with the Aventador successor due in 2023, which will be a V-12 plug-in hybrid, every future Lamborghini will feature some form of electrification. The automaker plans to have its full lineup consist of electrified cars only as early as 2024.

Powering the Huracán Sterrato will be the same 5.2-liter V-10 as every other Huracán. The output will likely match the 631 hp of the Huracán Tecnica that debuted earlier in the year, and drive will almost certainly be to all four wheels. Lamborghini is likely to have made some tweaks to the all-wheel-drive system and chassis suited to rough terrain.

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Don’t be surprised if more supercars with some off-road capability arrive in the years ahead, especially as supercar sales continue to grow in emerging markets, where road conditions aren’t always the best. More buyers are also looking for supercars they can drive throughout the year, as well as drive without fear of potholes doing major damage. It’s why Porsche is also readying the high-riding 911 Dakar sports car for launch at this week’s 2022 Los Angeles auto show.