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  • Kaine, McConnell bill would raise minimum age to buy tobacco, including e-cigarettes, to 21

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — This week the CDC reported 1,479 lung injury cases associated with the use of e-cigarette, or vaping, products nationwide. On Friday, U.S. Senator Tim Kaine (D-Virginia) met with students to discuss efforts to address the epidemic. Health advocates have long raised alarms that the products are getting youths addicted to nicotine. Kaine hopes his bill, the Tobacco-Free Youth Act, can help. The bill is cosponsored by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) and would raise the age […]

  • Hospitals scramble as they face shortage of a vital cancer drug for children

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – The University of California, Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center is one of the many cancer treatment centers nationwide dealing with a shortage of the generic drug Vincristine. Vincristine is a standard treatment, primarily for children with leukemia, lymphoma, bone and brain cancers. Around two weeks ago, drugmaker Pfizer faced production problems. The other maker of Vincristine, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, had stopped production for business reasons. “It is an essential drug in almost all of our pediatric cancers,” […]

  • Chick-fil-A’s first UK location slated for closure days after opening

    BERKSHIRE, England – Shortly after Chick-fil-A opened its first restaurant in the UK, the location is set to close amid pressure from gay rights groups over past donations to anti-LGBTQ groups. Amid calls for boycott, shopping center The Oracle decided eight days after Chick-fil-A opened that “the right thing to do” was to let the restaurant’s six-month trial lease expire, The BBC reports. The family-owned business, based in Atlanta, has been the criticized in the past for helping fund groups that condemn […]

  • California coach lost both legs, his left hand and some fingers – but not his positive outlook

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – A California high school football coach went in for a routine medical procedure and nearly died. Life is a lot different these days for 49-year-old Casey Cagle. “I walked into that hospital at 6-foot-5-and-a-half, you know, 261 pounds. I came out at 4-foot-6 and 191 pounds. You realize at that point how fast things can change.” “I’m vulnerable for the first time in my life,” the Bradshaw Christian assistant football coach told KTXL. “I walked into […]

  • ‘Most ridiculous thing ever’: Officials split Ohio building in two to solve property dispute

    RUGGLES TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WJW) – An Ohio man says local officials cut a building in half to end a property dispute with him. It happened in Ruggles Township following a complaint by Brett Galloway, who contends township officials constructed a building that was partly on his property. “It is pretty much the most ridiculous thing ever,” Galloway told WJW. He said he has tried negotiating with township leaders since January, but last week, when they didn’t reach an agreement, officials […]

  • Three American tourists died of natural causes in the Dominican Republic, FBI tests show

    WASHINGTON – FBI toxicology tests have determined that the deaths of three American tourists in the Dominican Republic were due to natural causes, a US State Department official said Friday. The findings are consistent with those presented by Dominican authorities. The FBI assisted with the toxicology tests of three of at least nine Americans who died there in recent months. The spate of deaths has left vacationers to wonder if they should cancel their trips to the Caribbean tourist destination. The bureau […]

  • Video shows suitcase with body inside being dropped in dumpster

    PUEBLO, Colo. – A body was found inside a suitcase in a Pueblo, Colorado dumpster, police said Thursday. According to the Pueblo Police Department, at about 9:23 a.m. Thursday, officers were dispatched to 3906 Ivywood Ln. on a report of a suspicious suitcase in a dumpster. “Officers were unable to look completely into the suitcase but determined that detectives would be called to assist in processing the contents of the suitcase,” PPD said. When detectives arrived, they found a female […]

  • Voice of Charlie Brown speaks after release from prison

    SAN DIEGO — After serving most of a five-year sentence, Peter Robbins, the original voice of the beloved cartoon character Charlie Brown, is hoping for a comeback. “Well, I know I was certainly mentally ill, “Robbins told KSWB, “I wish I had gotten treatment earlier by professionals.” The now 63-year-old, who suffers from bipolar disorder, is a convicted two-strike felon for making criminal threats against several people, including San Diego County Sheriff William Gore. “I went on a manic phase where […]

  • Company will pay you $1,000 to watch 30 Disney movies in 30 days

    You don’t have to rub a magic lamp or wish upon a star to have a dream come true. To create buzz around the launch of Disney+ on Nov. 12, wants to hire Disney fanatics to watch 30 Disney movies in 30 days. Perks include a $1,000 payday, a one-year subscription to Disney+ and a Disney-themed movie watching kit. “Do you sing along with your kiddos when they belt out “Let It Go”? (Or maybe when you’re alone in […]

  • Man with own name tattooed on neck arrested for falsely ID’ing himself

    MATTOON, Ill. – Mattoon police arrested a 36-year-old Illinois man for giving officers a fake name, despite having his real name tattooed on his neck. Matthew C. Bushman, of Mansfield, had a warrant out for his arrest when officers booked him on Oct. 11 for obstructing justice. A police mugshot shows the “Matty B” tattoo across his throat. Police said they were investigating a forgery when Bushman gave them a false name and date of birth in an attempt to dodge […]

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