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  • One last ride for Chicago boat pilots

    Four generations of the Schmidt family of Chicago have played life saving roles on the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. But this boat ride marks the end of an era. Sarah Jindra has the story.

  • Investigator said violence around the 1968 Democratic National Convention was a ‘police riot’

    CHICAGO — “The whole world is watching” is a chant that began in Chicago. In August of 1968, thousands of young anti-war protesters converged in Chicago, the site of that year’s Democratic National Convention. The convention became a sideshow compared to the violence erupting on the streets outside, as police and national guard troops clashed with protesters. Dan Walker was later appointed by then-President Lyndon Johnson to head a commission to look into the violence. In the 360-page report called […]

  • Butterfly man saves Monarch butterflies one musical note at a time

    An interesting cell phone video sent to WGN-TV last summer, prompted our team to get to the bottom of it. Why was a grown man playing with monarch butterflies in clear cups? Now we know.

  • Tom Skilling appears on Chicago radar 40 years ago today!

    Tom Skilling appears on Chicago's weather radar- 40 years ago today- August 13, 1978.

  • Dream Chef Kitchen serves up inspiration in East Garfield Park

    A new restaurant owner on Chicago's West side is bringing healthy comfort food and inspiration to the East Garfield Park neighborhood.

  • Chicago-area residents share experiences of everyday racism

    It seems almost daily there's a new video of people being questioned for shopping, sitting, or napping while black, raising new concerns about racial profiling. WGN's Gaynor Hall tackles the tough topic of "Everyday Racism" by talking to Chicago area residents about their experiences, and the toll it may be taking on careers, education, and overall health.

  • Emily Bear goes from piano prodigy to pop singer

    16 year old Emily Bear from Rockford has a brand new adventure, songwriting and singing pop songs with a top L.A. producer. WGN-TV's Steve Sanders, Producer Pam Grimes, and Photojournalist Mike D'Angelo have been following her career for a decade. And recently traveled to Los Angeles for a behind the scenes look inside a recording session.

  • Skilling gets a look at an icebreaker in action on the Great Lakes

    SAULT STE. MARIE, Mich. — Billions of dollars worth of commerce passes through the Great Lakes every year, and keeping those vital shipments flowing gets tricky when the lakes freeze in winter. Cutting through all that ice is a big job, so Tom Skilling hitched a ride on the deck of the Coast Guard cutter Mackinaw as it crossed the upper Great Lakes to see how it’s done. If the name sounds familiar, it’s also the Christmas tree ship that delivers […]

  • Top-rated Christopher House Elementary takes wraparound approach to education

    CHICAGO — For many Chicago families, the scramble to get their kids into the best schools can be mind blowing. There are public, private, parochial and charter options. One of the city’s highest performing elementary schools is a newer charter school that has grown from roots planted more than a century ago. Christopher House serves around 900 Chicago children on the north and west sides of Chicago, and their charter has been renewed for another five years. If you’d like […]

  • #MeToo and You: Reimagining masculinity to reverse sexual harassment

    There are few topics more divisive these days than the #MeToo movement. Some men feel under attack. Many women feel silenced, ignored, and powerless. It is clear that sexual harassment is nothing new. But, the conversation surrounding it has changed. And, as WGN's Gaynor Hall reports, there's a growing body of research that says we need to challenge the way we raise our boys as we work toward a goal of true gender equity.

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