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  • Bouncy houses grow in popularity, but also come with possibility of injuries

    WGN Investigates Inflatable amusement parks continue to grow in popularity.  There are more than a dozen in the Chicago area and across the country. The increase in inflatables, or bouncy houses, also comes with an increase in injuries. In 2016, there were an estimated 20,700 injuries nationwide linked to the popular inflatable structures. WGN Investigates tracked down the local emergency calls coming in to dispatch centers about the inflatable amusement parks. Here’s the transcription from just a few of those 911 calls: “I […]

  • Man behind bars awaiting trial for murder charge since 2007

    CHICAGO — Alex Daniel, 57, has been behind bars at the Cook County Jail waiting for a trial for more than a decade. Daniel was booked in 2007 for the murder of his wife Brenda Daniel. During that time, his case has had 129 continuances and 12 judges. He’s also on his third public defender. He pleaded not guilty but has never had a trial, a jury or a conviction for that murder. He could be the longest standing case […]

  • Dealers attempt to traffic fentanyl through Chicago mail system

    WGN Investigates Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is cracking down on the deadly drug fentanyl as dealers try to ship it to the United States. WGN Investigates received special access to go inside Chicago’s International Mail Facility near O’Hare International Airport. CBP’s acting deputy commissioner Ronald Vitiello has been following the rise in fentanyl cases. The powerful drug, which is hundred times more powerful than morphine, has killed thousands of people. “A lot of the stuff is being shipped in mostly from […]

  • Teen born with double cleft palate has last surgery after 17 years

    CHICAGO — A Chicago teen born with a double cleft palate allowed WGN into his journey. He has spent 17 years going through surgeries to correct a rare problem. Most people recognize the struggle of being born with a cleft lip or palate as something that happens in developing countries. It also happens in the city with about two dozen cases reported every year. Nationwide, one in 700 children are born with a cleft palate. Fabian Bautista, 18, has undergone about 15 […]

  • Deadline approaches for colleges, universities to report number of sexual assault cases

    WGN Investigates CHICAGO — There is a November 1 midnight deadline for Illinois colleges and universities to deliver a report to Attorney General Lisa Madigan citing the number of sexual assault cases on campus and how they’re handled. Madigan wants to add an extra layer of security in case the Trump administration rolls back Obama-era guidelines on how universities handled these cases. U.S Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced the rollback several months ago but it’s not clear what that […]