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  • How to reduce your cable bill by up to 30 percent

    CHICAGO — CHICAGO — Is your cable bill killing your bank account? You’re not alone. With some persistence, you could cut your cable bill by 30 percent. Brian Delaney, a budget expert, has some tips to help you save some cash. In this example, Delaney worked with Laura and the Hammes family. They were paying $170 a month for cable and needed to cut costs. Call your provider Just call your provider and say: I want to pay less each month, […]

  • Inside the phenomena of false confessions

    Most of us are quick to say no. Yet it’s more common than you might think to say “I did it.”  but statistics show one in four of those wrongfully convicted—and later exonerated by DNA– did just that. Investigators used the Reid technique on Juan Rivera in 1992 to illicit a confession for a crime he did not commit. It’s a process where an officer tells the suspect there is no doubt as to his or her guilt hoping for a […]

  • Security video shows man shot and killed by CHA security; Family sues

    Was unnecessary force used when two CHA security officers pulled their guns and fired on a drunk and unarmed man in 2013? The man died and now his family wants to know why one security guard–an off duty police officer–pulled the trigger. They are taking their case to court. 28-year-old Marlon Horton may have been stirring up trouble–urinating allegedly on an officer’s car early the morning of Sept 7, 2013. It’s what comes next that leaves Horton’s family undone. Jarrod […]

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