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  • Wheaton College remembers Rev. Billy Graham

    WHEATON, Ill. — Long before he was famous, Billy Graham went to school at Wheaton College. His local sermons quickly began to draw large crowds, as the college provided the first platform to the gifted young preacher. “One of the things that’s most remarkable about Billy Graham is, in a way, his ordinariness,” said Wheaton College President Dr. Philip Ryken. “He really was the same person in public that he always was private.” Remembering his encounter with Rev. Billy Graham, […]

  • Florida shooting puts spotlight on mental health resources

    The shooting rampage that took the lives of 17 people and injured 14 more in Parkland, Fla., is putting a spotlight on the difficulties for school districts to treat students with mental health issues. Only 25 percent of students in need get access to comprehensive mental health services. Due to lack of resources, it makes it difficult for counselors to track students who may need help. Lurie Children’s Hospital Pediatric Psychologist, Colleen Cicchetti said the reality is that resources are […]

  • Chicago mobilizes for Puerto Rican hurricane relief effort

    CHICAGO — Puerto Rico is already reeling from previous hurricanes and a crippling economic crisis. Now it faces a major challenge in the form of Hurricane Maria, which could deliver a direct hit to the island. Chicago’s Puerto Rican community is gearing up for what could be a massive humanitarian effort. More than 4 million Puerto Ricans are bracing for Maria, which has already devastated the island of Dominica. Chicago’s sizable Puerto Rican community is deeply concerned that Hurricane Maria […]

  • Longtime West Town resident shot, killed during possible armed robbery

    CHICAGO — Friends and loved ones are grieving the loss a kindhearted family man who worked at a bakery in the West Town community. “I heard the doorbell ringing a lot of times. I told my mom, ‘I’m so scared,” said Magaly Soriano, the victim’s daughter. Magaly knew it wasn’t good. Neighbors were pounding on her apartment door early Wednesday morning to tell the family that Aristeo “Pascuale” Soriano, 49, had been critically shot. Soriano, may have been the victim of an […]

  • First phase of Lakefront Trail separation project completed

    CHICAGO — The first phase of a Lakefront Trail separation project is now complete. Mayor Rahm Emanuel will mark the completion of the first section of the project, from 31st Street to 41st Street, later today. The entire project will include Chicago’s entire 18-miles of Lakefront Trail, stretching from Ardmore Avenue to the North and 71st Street to the south. The Lakefront Trail separation was designed to alleviate congestion by creating two paths—one for pedestrians and the other for bikes. […]

  • Anti-violence group to campout in some of city’s toughest neighborhoods

    CHICAGO — Members of an anti-violence group are making their presence known as they camp out overnight in some of Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhoods. Their campaign to end gun violence starts in the Back of the Yards neighborhood Friday night. Youth leaders trained by Chicago’s Resurrection Project want to send a clear message to people living in the city’s most crime ravaged neighborhoods. The message, organizers say, is that it is possible to find your way out to live without […]

  • 18 horses killed in Plainfield barn fire

    PLAINFIELD, Ill. — A massive barn fire near southwest suburban Plainfield early Wednesday morning killed 18 horses. The fire ignited at about 1:15 a.m. Wednesday on Wheeler Road. The building was completely involved in flames when firefighters arrived. People at the Paradise Farm were able to rescue a dozen horses. Two minor injuries were reported. They were taken to area hospitals. The area around the intersection of Wheeler and Ridge has no hydrants, so firefighters had to relay water to the scene, […]

  • Compromised reached in Englewood controversial crosses memorial

    CHICAGO — Crosses honoring the victims of gun violence on Chicago’s South Side are causing controversy. The 44 crosses were put on display by artist Greg Zanis at 55th and Bishop in Englewood as a memorial meant for the victims of Chicago’s gun violence Early Tuesday, the local group ‘Army of Moms’ announced they planned to remove the crosses later in the day. They say the crosses give the community a bad image.  Some argue that the crosses grouped together creates […]

  • Chicago aldermen pitch violence prevention program

    CHICAGO — A number of Chicago aldermen and community groups are demanding more resources for violence prevention programs. Only $1.85 million of the $20 million set aside for property tax rebates last year were claimed, leaving more than $17 million unused. They say the $17 million in surplus from unused property tax rebates should go to prevent crime. Among the concerned citizens is the Brighton Park Neighborhood Council.  Brighton Park has been in the midst of on-going gang violence in their […]

  • Pop-up BBQ restaurant at Willis Tower hopes to end Cubs ‘curse’

    CHICAGO — As the Cubs prepare for Game 1 of the World Series against the Indians, a barbecue restaurant in the Chicago area adds a new item to the menu in the hopes of ending the “Curse of the Billy Goat.” “Q-BBQ” is offering Hickory Smoked Goat through Friday. The dish is being served at a “pop-up” location on the ground floor of the Willis Tower, and four other locations. Each location will only serve 108 sandwiches every day. That’s […]

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