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  • R. Kelly spotted at South Side club amid new allegations: report

    CHICAGO — Chicago police were called to a club on the South Side Wednesday where singer R.Kelly was reportedly celebrating his birthday. TMZ reports police responded to V75 Nightclub on a call about a warrant for the singer’s arrest. “Law enforcement confirmed to TMZ that they did indeed go to the club and made contact with Kelly — however, once they determined there was NO actual arrest warrant … Kelly was free to go about his business,” TMZ reports. People […]

  • Court upholds CPD officer’s conviction for shooting into car full of teens

    A federal appeals court just upheld the conviction of a former Chicago police officer accused of using excessive force. Marco Proano is serving five years in federal prison for firing 16 shots into a car full of teens in 2013.  Two teens were hurt. Proano’s  attorney asked for a new trial, saying the jury heard improper evidence, and prosecutors relied on inadmissible statements; the court said no.

  • Chicago will finish 2018 with fewer murders

    CHICAGO — For the second year in a row, Chicago`s murder rate has dropped. Violence continues to plague large parts of the city in some neighborhoods on the South and West sides. According to the Cook County medical examiner, 540 people were killed as of this last week of December. That is down considerably from 664 in 2017 and 781 in 2016. But these figures do not include killings on the city’s expressways Helping reduce numbers, the CPD credits better […]

  • Ricketts family once considered moving the Cubs out of Chicago: report

    CHICAGO — Newly published emails reveal the Ricketts family once considered moving the Cubs out of Chicago. According to the website Splinter, Todd Ricketts was incensed that Mayor Rahm Emanuel rejected a taxpayer subsidy to renovate Wrigley Field in 2013, and he suggested moving the team. In an email to his father, Todd Ricketts wrote, perhaps his family was “not the right organization to own the Cubs.” The mayor’s office responded, “The mayor told the Ricketts family the same thing […]

  • 1000 new police officers take Chicago streets

    CHICAGO — Two years ago, the city of Chicago kicked off a campaign to add 1,000 new police officers to street patrol, and Monday — it happens. When 67 recruits graduate from the police academy, Chicago will have successfully grown its force of neighborhood street cops by more than 1,000. The police department says having a more visible deterrent on the streets has cut major crime in the past two years.

  • Judge to CPD: Return gun back to Robert Rialmo

    CHICAGO — The gun that was used in a controversial deadly police shooting will be returned to the Chicago police officer who fired it. The Chicago Police Department was ordered to return the gun to Officer Robert Rialmo in a court filing earlier this week. Rialmo was never charged criminally in the shootings of 19-year-old Quintonio LeGrier and 55-year-old Bettie Jones in December 2015. Rialmo fatally shot LeGrier after the teenager raised a baseball bat over his head. Jones was struck […]

  • Rahm Emanuel gives final budget address as Chicago mayor

    CHICAGO — Mayor Rahm Emanuel spelled out his final Chicago city budget Wednesday morning. The budget includes millions in new funding for the police. There is also money set aside for investments in summer jobs, mentoring, and basic services like rodent control, tree trimming and garbage cart replacement. Prior budgets brought property tax increases and higher fees and fines so the city could pay more toward public employee pension funds. “Getting the city back on track has not been a walk […]

  • Is Chicago paying for deportations from Gary airport?

    GARY, Ind. — Some lawmakers in Chicago are furious about deportations from the Gary airport. Aldermen Ed Burke and Gilbert Villegas, and State Senator Martin Sandoval, are sharply criticizing the Gary-Chicago International Airport Authority Board. They say, some of the Chicago dollars that support cargo operations at Gary may have helped immigration officials deport 19,000 immigrants in America illegally. But a statement from city hall says, federal authorities, not local ones, decide where flights operate and who they carry, and […]

  • 1/3rd of West and South Side residents carry guns, study says

    CHICAGO — A new study offers some perspective on the high level of gun violence in Chicago’s West and South Side neighborhoods. The study by the Urban Institute, finds that one-third of residents in those areas carry guns for self-protection. More than one-third report being shot at. Victims of gun violence are three times as likely to be armed, but it is not clear whether they got their guns before or after being attacked. People who carry guns also believe […]

  • Tours to start at Old Joliet Prison

    JOLIET, Ill. — You’ll soon be able to tour the historic Old Joliet Prison. The Joliet Correctional Center, closed in 2002, housed 1,300 inmates. Many were moved to Stateville Prison. What’s left behind is filled with history, and some of the prison’s former guards will be among the tour guides. People may be familiar with the prison from the opening scene in “The Blues Brothers” movie. The cost is $20 a person. Tours will be available Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. You […]