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  • Interactive TV shows coming to Netflix

    Netflix is bringing a new feature to their line of TV shows The company is introducing “Interactive TV shows” which will allow you to decide which turn a story takes. As of now Netflix is experimenting with the feature and is currently only for kids. The first set of interactive TV shows to include this new feature will be the new episodes of “Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale” and “Buddy Thunderstruck.” The feature though could make its […]

  • Man traveling to 50 states to mow lawns for those in need

    HUNSTVILLE, Ala. — One man’s act of kindness has turned into a cross country movement. Rodney Smith is on a mission to mow lawns across the country. Smith is a graduate student from Hunstville, Alabama and is originally from a small island called Bermuda. Smith has been traveling to all 50 states cutting other people’s grass. He’s currently on his 49th state, Alaska. Smith says, it all started back in 2015 when he saw an elderly man struggling to mow his […]

  • People can now zip line off the Eiffel Tower

    PARIS — As if the Eiffel Tower wasn’t already appealing, a zip line has been attached to the popular Paris attraction. The zip line was setup by Perrier to celebrate the French Open, and will start riders at 400 feet in the air and have them traveling to a platform 2,600 feet away at about 55 miles per hour. The zip line opened Monday, June 5. The ride is a little more than a half a mile long, and will […]

  • Hanson back with new song for their 25th anniversary

    The three Hanson brothers: Taylor, Issac, and Zac are celebrating their 25th anniversary as a band. And what better way to celebrate that anniversary then releasing a new single that features their kids. The music video of their new song “I Was Born” collectively features 11 of the artists’ 12 kids. In an interview with People Music , Zac stated that the video adds another dimension to the story of pursuing their dreams for the last 25 years. And in prior […]

  • Veterinary clinic in Ireland looking for a cat cuddler

    DUBLIN — If you have a love for cats, then this may be the job you want to look into. A veterinary clinic in Dublin is currently looking for someone to fill the position of a “cat cuddler.” If interested, the online ad does have a few question that you may want to ask yourself before applying. Are you crazy about cats? Does petting cats make you feel good inside? Do you count cats before going to sleep? Other qualifications include […]

  • Coach showcase their new NASA-themed collection

    Coach is introducing its new NASA-themed collection for those who have a thing for both fashion and space. The brand is calling their new clothing line, “Coach Space” They have a variety of different items like bags, purses, and jackets. That includes retro patches of different types of pictures, from spaceships all the way to space flying dinosaurs. According to the coach website, they were inspired by “American dreamers and explorers that believe that anything is possible.” Items start as low […]

  • Chicago woman takes on NASA and wins, now selling awarded moon dust for $4 million

    It was one of the biggest moments in history; the Apollo 11 mission of 1969 brought man to the moon. There were also a few things that came back with the astronauts. While there, Neil Armstrong collected some moon dust and placed it in a bag. Turns out NASA forgot about the bag over time and accidentally auctioned it off with other space related objects for a little less than a thousand dollars. Nancy Lee Carlson, a Chicago area attorney, bought […]

  • Woman creates dress with 10,000 Starburst wrappers

    MOUNT JOY TOWNSHIP, Penn. — A woman from Pennsylvania is taking DIY to a whole new level with a dress she made. Artist Emily Seilhamer, made a dress out of 10,000 used Starburst wrappers and it only took her five years to finish. It all started when her high school boyfriend – turned – husband gave her a pack of Starburst which was his favorite candy. She then decided after that to make a dress out of the wrappers, and that’s […]

  • Therapy horses help airline passengers relieve stress

    CINCINNATI, Ohio — The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport is going above and beyond to help their passengers become more relaxed before their flights. The airport is getting help from the Seven Oaks Farm in southwest Ohio to bring in “therapy horses” to help lower the stress of their travelers. Twice a month, the farm brings in a few of their 34 horses to the airport to help relieve stress for children and adults before boarding the plane. Therapy animals are nothing new […]

  • Insurance salesman pays for man’s expired parking meter, note goes viral

    ROCHESTER, Minn. — An insurance salesman in Minnesota is doing anything possible to get potential clients –including paying for an expired parking meter. Farmers Insurance agent Andrew Cooney left a note on a car after its meter expired and it said:”I paid your parking meter for you… Imagine what else I’m willing to do to protect your car.” Cooney confirmed to Mashable that this is a tactic he uses to get new clients. So, if you’re in Minnesota and your parking meter expires, expect a letter and […]

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