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  • School band leader accused of duct-taping 9-year-old student’s mouth

    BROOKLYN — The band director of a popular after-school music program in Brooklyn is charged with assault. A 9-year-old boy says his bandleader, 39-year-old Kenyatte Hughes, duct taped his mouth during band practice. When the student removed the tape, his face was swollen and his lips were cracked. Hughes was a volunteer and revived the Soul Tigers marching band more than a decade ago. His goal was to steer kids away from violence by teaching them music. In a Criminal […]

  • Joe Smid sings “We Love the Cubs” on WGN Morning News

    Joe Smid singing “We Love the Cubs” on WGN Morning News 10/19/2015.

  • High school runner disqualified after helping rival runner who collapsed

    BLOOMFIELD, Iowa – A high school runner  was disqualified from a cross-country meet after he helped a runner from another team cross the finish line. Zach Hougland came in first place. He stood near the finish lining waiting for everyone to finish. That’s when he noticed Garret Hinson collapsing. Hougland didn’t see anyone else notice, so he stepped in to help. “He looked very dehydrated, he was holding his chest, so I yell, ‘Is anyone going to help him?’ And […]

  • Perfume company will replicate scent of deceased loved ones

    POSES, France – There’s a new perfume that lets you smell like a dead person. A perfume company in France, Kalain, figured out how to replicate the scent of your deceased loved ones. The process starts when you submit an article of clothing that has the smell that you want to duplicate. A laboratory then lifts scent molecules from the clothing, duplicates them, and puts them into your own, custom perfume. The owner of Kalain came up with the end […]

  • Kohl’s testing same-day delivery in Chicago

    MENOMONEE FALLS, Wisconsin – Kohl’s is testing a same-day delivery service in Chicago. Orders placed before 1 p.m. would be eligible for the new feature. The package would be dropped off before 8 p.m. The same-day delivery option costs $9.95 or $14.95 depending on the total amount of the order. There is no word yet when the feature would be available to all customers.

  • Watch moment sashimi fish jumps from diners dinner plate

    JAPAN — Raw fish is a Japanese delicacy – however, this sashimi fish might have been a little too fresh. Customers were eating at a restaurant in Japan when they noticed the fish they were served was moving. One customer took out their camera and started recording. First they saw the fins twitching. Then, the twitching turned into wiggling. The customers started screaming when the fish flopped off the plate.

  • ObamaEmanuel2

    President Obama returning to Chicago

    CHICAGO — President Obama will return to Chicago for a fundraising dinner this month. Investment banker Robbie Robinson and his wife, D’Rita Robinson, will host the event on October 27th. Robbie Robinson is the managing director of BDT & Company. D’Rita Robinson is the founder and CEO of the social app Chatty Guest. Guests are asked to donate at least $10,000. Funds will go to the Obama for America campaign, Democratic Hope Fund, and Democratic National Committee.

  • 9 cities in U.S. replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day:

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Not everyone is celebrating Columbus Day. Nine cities are revamping it as Indigenous Peoples Day. The conversion is part of movement to recognize Native American culture and history in the United States. Supporters of Indigenous Peoples Day say that Columbus Day ignores colonialism, discrimination, and the loss of land that Native Americans experienced after the exploration of Christopher Columbus in 1492. The cities participating in Indigenous Peoples Day include: Berkeley, California; Albuquerque, New Mexico; St. Paul, Minnesota; […]

  • Chuck E. Cheese’s to start serving alcohol

    IRVING, Texas – You will soon be able to order alcohol at Chuck E. Cheese’s. It is part of the company’s plan to increase sales. Their shares dropped 2.2 percent last year. Executives hope that offering beer and wine will appeal to younger moms. They say moms usually decide where to take their kids. A study by the company found that kids wanted to got to Chuck E. Cheese’s about 11 times per year. However, their parents only took them there about three […]

  • 12-year-old girl can’t stop sneezing

    ANGLETON, Texas – A 12-year-old girl can’t stop sneezing. Katelyn Thornley sneezes about 12,000 times per day. She’s been to multiple doctors but none of them can figure out what’s wrong. In order to stop sneezing she has to take Benadryl, listen to music, and sleep. It’s only when she does all three of those things together that she is able to stop.

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