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  • Pat documents Robin’s high school basketball career in ‘9 for 9: The Robin Baumgarten Story’

    Whenever WGN Morning News sports anchor Pat Tomasulo brings up the fact that he was the District 22 wrestling champion, his colleague Robin Baumgarten chimes in that she, too, was quite the basketball star back in the day. But Tomasulo wanted to know — where’s the proof of this basketball career? So, he trekked to Baumgarten’s South Side alma mater, Queen of Peace High School, to learn more. The video he found and the people he interviewed are now part […]

  • Listen: World’s Greatest Newspaper Television Podcast – Around Town Reporter Ana Belaval

    Ana Belaval has tremendous admiration for pop singer, and Puerto Rican native, Ricky Martin. That’s why she had a meltdown on live television that time she got to talk to him… “That was one of the highlights of my career,” she said, when she sat down with World’s Greatest Newspaper Television Podcast hosts Brian Seay and Ross McAbee. “It is not a sexual attraction, although he is hot,” she said. “It is more admiration. It is more like ‘this dude […]

  • Listen: World’s Greatest Newspaper Television Podcast – Morning Sports Anchor Pat Tomasulo

    Pat Tomasulo is a “high character, high integrity kind of guy” according to WGN Morning News weatherman Paul Konrad. “But he’s a fool!’ That pretty much sums up Episode 11 of everyone’s favorite podcast… Pat dishes about Thanksgiving dinner at Paul Konrad’s house, that time he and Brian met Taylor Swift, his favorite cheat meals, and how he feels about the end of his late night comedy show “Man of the People.” He also tries to defend his abhorrent behavior […]

  • Listen: World’s Greatest Newspaper Television Podcast – Trending News Anchor Marcus Leshock

      Marcus Leshock didn’t think he’d ever be on television… He applied with WGN-TV’s sister station CLTV to be a video editor. But the boss talked him into taking an on air position. Now he’s the Trending News Anchor on the WGN Morning News. He’s also the Roller Coaster Bureau Chief for the old number nine…. And now – some say it’s his greatest achievement – Marcus Leshock is the next guest on the World’s Greatest Newspaper Television Podcast. In […]

  • Listen: World’s Greatest Newspaper Television Podcast – Photojournalist Mike D’Angelo

    It was his first year at WGN… Photojournalist Mike D’Angelo grew up watching Tom Skilling, and now he was about to hop into a hot air balloon to capture video of the iconic meteorologist for a weather story. There was just one problem: Mike doesn’t like heights. But he didn’t dare tell that to Special Projects Producer Pam Grimes. She was a legend in his eyes, and this was a big opportunity for him. He wanted to impress her. And […]

  • Listen: World’s Greatest Newspaper Television Podcast – Entertainment Reporter and Critic Dean Richards

    Dean Richards has been broadcasting over Chicago airwaves for more than four decades. He got his start in radio. But since he doesn’t have a face for radio (check out this headshot): …you can also catch Dean on television, on the Old Number Nine, breaking down the latest entertainment stories on the WGN Morning News. He’s interviewed all the biggest stars, and he sees all the latest movies… He’s a really big deal. But when he’s not out there living […]

  • Listen: World’s Greatest Newspaper Television Podcast – Evening News Anchors Ben Bradley and Lourdes Duarte

    Ben and Lourdes have been anchoring the WGN Evening News at 4 p.m. for two years now. That made Brian and Ross wonder… what do they hate about each other? Do they like each other more than their previous co-anchors? What’s with Ben’s weird airplane obsession? Will Lourdes invite us to her wedding? Should Ben bring back this stache? Duarte and Bradley: an unrelenting investigative duo. But with the script flipped, it’s their turn to get into the hot seat. […]

  • Listen: World’s Greatest Newspaper Television Podcast – Weatherman Paul Konrad

    Paul Konrad is an international sex symbol. But you knew that… For Episode 6 of the World’s Greatest Newspaper Television Podcast, Brian and Ross sit down with the Morning Show weatherman. He tells us about his storied upbringing… from his days performing with his family’s Austrian folk group, the Traveling Konrads… to that time his father threw a television down the stairs… to that other time he was locked up in a Russian jail. Paul’s a survivor, and an artist. […]

  • Listen: World’s Greatest Newspaper Television Podcast – Morning Show Announcer Mike Toomey

    It’s the first episode of the new year…. This time, Brian and Ross sit down with Morning Show funny man Mike Toomey. He’s been making audiences laugh for more than 37 years as a stand-up comic. He’s also the announcer for the 9 a.m. show on the WGN Morning News. So you know this episode is gonna be funny. Seriously…look at this old picture of Mike: Funny, right? If you said yes, check out Mike Toomey’s show “TV&ME” in St. Charles on […]

  • Listen: World’s Greatest Newspaper Television Podcast – Director of Production Bob Vorwald

    It’s been a couple months, but we’re back…. In this episode…Brian and Ross explain why it took so long to bring you this lovely new episode. Then, they have a [PHONY] interview with Snoop Dogg, which is 100% [MANUFACTURED] credible [FAKE] and not at all [FAKE] faked/or edited [NOT REAL]. And in Conversations with the World’s Greatest, we sit down with WGN Director of Production Bob Vorwald. Bob is in charge of getting sporting events up and on the Channel […]

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