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  • Treating Major Depression with Ketamine Therapy

        Sponsored Content: For those who suffer from Treatment Resistant Depression there is hope. Ketamine Therapy has been increasing in popularity for alleviating treatment resistant and major depression. Dr. Bal Nandra at IV Solution Ketamine Centers of Chicago is leading the way in Ketamine treatment in Chicago. Learn more about Ketamine Therapy at

  • Fire Alarm Tips for Fire Prevention Month with First Alert

    October is Fire Prevention Month. Learn how to help keep your family safe by implementing some key guidelines for fire and smoke alarms.

  • Venous Disease Treatment at UI Health

    Many adults commonly suffer from venous disease- but if left untreated, it can become more severe and painful. The Vascular Surgery Program at UI Health provides state-of-the-art treatment to give all patients with vascular disease the highest quality of life.

  • Weight loss with AspireAssist

        Weight loss can be extremely difficult for individuals struggling with obesity. AspireAssist is an effective non-surgical procedure that helps you loose weight without restrictive diets or lasting side effects. Dr. Darrien Gaston of Metropolitan Gastroenterology Consultants can help you start your weight loss journey today.

  • Shoulder and Knee Pain Treatment with Dr. Vishal Mehta

    Sponsored Content: Living Healthy learns about the practice of Dr. Vishal Mehta at Fox Valley Orthopedics. Dr. Mehta specializes in sports medicine and treatment of the shoulder and knee. If you’re looking for options to treat chronic shoulder or knee pain or for sports injuries, visit Dr. Mehta at

  • Learn HVAC Refrigeration at Coyne College

        Sponsored Content: Weekend Workbench goes to Coyne College to learn why careers in HVAC are booming and how to get a HVAC-R Diploma in less than a year.

  • SpaceOAR Protects Surrounding Tissue During Prostate Radiation Therapy

    SpaceOAR System reduces rectal injury in men receiving prostate cancer radiation therapy (RT) by acting as a spacer – pushing the rectum away from the prostate. Learn how UroPartners is implementing SpaceOAR to help protect surrounding organs from radiation therapy for prostate cancer.

  • Low Cost Dental Implants and Braces at Winnetka Dental Care

      LHC visits Winnetka Dental Care.  Winnetka Dental Care offers low cost implants, general dentistry and Invisalign braces with unmatched personal service. Dr. Raghian’s unique background and training in applying braces, Invisalign® and dental implants as well as his degree in periodontics allows him to offer many services in one location as well as evaluating his patient’s dental needs with a more comprehensive vision. Winnetka Dental Care wants everyone to be able to afford dental needs and offers flexible payment […]

  • How to Pick The Right Hardwood Flooring with Las Hardwoods

    Sponsored content: Jane Monzures visits LAS Hardwoods, Chicagoland’s family owned flooring experts, in Elmhurst to learn about the right floor for the right place. Not all hardwoods are created equal, so Michal from Las Hardwoods teaches Jane about the right material for the right space.

  • Treatment for BPH, enlarged prostate with Urolift

    Sponsored content: Enlarged prostate affects as many at 70 percent of men by the time they are in their 60s. Advanced Urology Associates offers a state of the art minimally invasive procedure called UroLift. It has long term positive effects and enables men to keep their sexual function. Jane talks with Dr. Greg Andros about this procedure. Urolift moves the prostate to allow for proper functioning of the urethra without removing the prostate. To learn more about UroLift, you can […]