Paul Lisnek is a multi-Emmy, Cablefax, Telly and Beacon Award winning television host and analyst. Paul has been the political analyst for WGN-TV since 2008, appearing on all the station’s newscasts discussing political issues of the day. He is the host of Politics Tonight on CLTV, on which he interviews the leading political figures in the city, state and country, and also serves as a fill-in anchor. Paul has interviewed presidents, governors, senators, congressmen, local representatives and mayors too numerous to count over the last 25 years.

Paul can also be heard on, where he hosts a podcast called “Behind the Curtain,” which addresses political, theatre, and other areas of interest to Chicagoland.

Paul is a frequent guest on WGN-AM radio programs and other radio stations including NPR, as a frequent guest talking about the politics of the day. Paul also anchors Newsmakers, and hosts Broadway in Chicago Backstage in front of a live studio audience for the Comcast Network, which presents an in-depth look at Chicago’s hottest theatrical productions.

Other award-winning specials include “Site of Remembrance” on the Holocaust Museum and Education Center, “Footsteps of Lincoln” and “Day of Honor,” a special on the Honor Flite Chicago program for World War II veterans. Paul is the author of thirteen books including “The Hidden Jury,” “Winning the Mind Game,” “Quality Mind, Quality Life” and is completing his first fiction book. The Museum of Broadcast Communication in Chicago opened the Paul M. Lisnek Gallery, which features a permanent exhibit detailing and honoring Paul’s long career in television.

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    CHICAGO — The city’s most powerful and senior alderman says he did nothing wrong. Federal agents raided 14th Ward Alderman Ed Burke’s ward and city hall offices Thursday. Friday, Burke declined to shed light on what he knows about the raids. “It’s been a long time for me in public life and I’ve been the subject of investigations in the past,” he said. “I’ve always fully cooperated. Clearly nothing has ever came of any of those. I’ll cooperate now.” Following […]

  • Candidates for Illinois governor square off in first televised debate

    CHICAGO — Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democrat J.B. Pritzker met for their first debate of the Illinois governor’s race. Rauner is trying to win a second term against Pritzker, a billionaire heir to the Hyatt hotel fortune who’s never held public office. Polls have shown Pritzker with a healthy lead. During the hour-long debate, the two came armed with grenades. “It’s easy for you to sit on the sidelines when you haven’t done an honest day’s work in your […]

  • What does Emanuel’s decision mean for the Chicago mayoral race?

    CHICAGO – The Chicago mayoral race is already crowded, with 10 candidates officially in the race, and that could increase with Tuesday’s announcement from Mayor Rahm Emanuel saying he will not seek re-election. Next February voters will choose someone new to become the mayor of Chicago. It’s a crowded field and speculation abounds that more candidates will jump in. But none of the contenders have huge name recognition or the political cash Emanuel has. If you’re talking name ID, and WGN […]

  • Trump lashes out at his former lawyer after guilty plea

    WASHINGTON — Facing a growing threat to his presidency, President Donald Trump lashed at his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen, a day after the onetime “fixer” implicated Trump in a campaign cover-up to buy the silence of women who said they had sexual relationships with him. Trump on Wednesday accused Cohen of making up “stories in order to get a ‘deal'” from federal prosecutors. Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations that the lawyer said he carried out in coordination […]

  • Justice Kennedy retiring; Trump gets 2nd Supreme Court pick

    WASHINGTON — Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement Wednesday, giving President Donald Trump a golden chance to cement conservative control of the nation’s highest court. The 81-year-old Kennedy said in a statement he was stepping down after more than 30 years. A Republican appointee, he has held the key vote on such high-profile issues as abortion, affirmative action, gay rights, guns, campaign finance and voting rights. Kennedy informed his colleagues of his plans, then went to the White […]

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    WASHINGTON — Struggling to find the votes to pass a sweeping immigration overhaul, House Republicans are narrowing on a slimmed down bill to stem the crisis of separating immigrant families at the border. But even that more modest measure hit uncertainty Monday. President Donald Trump rejected one top idea — adding more immigration judges — insisting it would only lead to graft even though supporters say the step could help expedite the logjam of claims that can prolong detentions. With […]

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