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  • $10.4M in settlements paid by ride-sharing companies to fund anti-violence programs

    CHICAGO — Around $10.4 million in settlements paid by Lyft, Uber and Via to the city of Chicago over their use of background checks will be used to fund youth mentoring and anti-violence efforts, the city announced Thursday. The companies agreed to pay after officials found the background checks they used to screen drivers were inconsistent with rules laid out in the local ordinance. WGN Investigates was the first to expose a major problem with the background checks, reporting in October that a Lyft […]

  • Drug cartels to be targeted in Chicago as part of joint effort by US, Mexico

    CHICAGO — A new joint effort of the US and Mexican governments targeting drug cartels will include combating their operations in Chicago, officials announced Wednesday. Following the capture of Mexican kingpin Juan “El Chapo” Guzman, a new task force has its sights set on the emerging Jalisco cartel and its leader Nemesio “El Mencho” Oseguera Cervantes. At the Chicago headquarters of the Drug Enforcement Administration, a task force comprised of local, state, national and Mexican agencies made their joint “action plan” for […]

  • Family says police pointed guns at them during botched raid, files civil rights complaint

    CHICAGO — A family filing a civil rights complaint against the City of Chicago alleges police traumatized their children when they mistakenly raided their Southwest Side home in 2017. Hester and Gilbert Mendez say officers bashed in their apartment door last November, rushed into their home and pointed guns at the family. Gilbert Mendez said he felt utterly powerless, and accuses police of pointing a gun at his head as they held him in custody. “My wife was screaming frantically. My […]

  • This artist turns thousands of strips of duct tape into works of art

    Every artist has a favorite medium, and the “Queen of Tape” turns thousands of tiny strips of duct tape into works of art. Meet Anna Dominguez in our latest Faces Of Chicago.

  • Over 60,000 rubber ducks dumped into the Chicago River at annual Ducky Derby

    CHICAGO — Over 60,0000 rubber ducks dumped into the Chicago River Thursday afternoon raced for a good cause at the annual Chicago Ducky Derby. The fundraiser benefiting Special Olympics Illinois attracts thousands of onlookers to the river every year. The Michigan Avenue bridge was partly raised up around 12:45 p.m. Thursday so a large truck full of rubber ducks could back up to the very edge. As the “race” began, the truck dumped all thousands of rubber ducks into the […]

  • Wrigley Field turned on the lights for its first night game 30 years ago

    CHICAGO – What’s taken as normal now seemed very weird three decades ago. Back then, a flip of a switch and flicker of lights over Wrigley Field seemed sacrilegious, a dastardly act that sacrificed tradition in the name of money-fueled progress. Now it’s just another night at the Friendly Confines. Time has a way of making the unusual feel comfortable – and 30 years has done the trick on the North Side. Three decades ago Wednesday – August 8, 1988 – […]

  • 30 shot over 3-hour span in Chicago, including 11-year-old and at least 11 teens

    CHICAGO – A spate of mass shootings in Chicago left at least five people dead and 50 others wounded during a night of catastrophic violence in Chicago. During a Sunday press conference, police officials said there are so many investigations into so many shootings that they could offer few specifics. But everyone from congressmen to community activists agree the shootings mark a crisis point in Chicago’s struggle with violence. Dozens and dozens of families waited for word on shooting victims […]

  • Couple’s clever ‘Jurassic Park’ wedding shows love always finds a way

    BURLINGTON, Wis. — A couple who first bonded over their love for the classic dinosaur film “Jurassic Park” combined elements from the movie with a traditional wedding to create a larger-than-life celebration, the New York Post reports. Courtney McMillion, 28, and Billy McMillion, 26, realized they both loved the movie after they started dating in 2013, and it eventually became “their thing,” they told the news service SWNS, inspiring years of jokes about hosting a “Jurassic Park” themed wedding one day. […]

  • A ‘small-town’ story of how one man’s life was saved

    MORRIS, Ill. — Ken Iverson calls the time the community came together to save his life a “small-town Morris story.” A retired teacher and coach who now runs a basketball program at the local YMCA, Iverson says just about everyone in Morris knows who he is. “I was born here, went away to college for four years and came back. I did the math once; 15,000 to 20,000 kids have been under my supervision as a student or ballplayer,” Iverson […]

  • Turning a love of balloons into art, and a career

    All kids love balloons. This one grew up to turn them into art seen by millions in Chicago’s Pride Parade and beyond. Meet Tommy DeLorenzo in our latest Faces of Chicago.