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  • Lake Michigan is more blue than it was 20 years ago, researchers say

    Let’s start with the basics: why does Lake Michigan appear to be blue? WGN’s Tom Skilling said the answer isn’t as simple as you’d think. While most assume the color is just the blue sky reflecting off the water, Skilling said according to Penn State Emeritus Professor Doctor Craig Bohren, that’s actually wrong. Water radiates blue, meaning it gives off a constant shade of the color. But it also has reflective properties, so if you have clouds above it, that […]

  • A night at one of Chicagoland’s last drive-ins in

    Drive-in theaters used to be a summer staple in the U.S., but few remain. Still, those left in the Chicago area say they’re seeing more support from neighbors who want to keep the tradition alive. Here’s their story – in their own words: Scott Dehn, Golden Age Cinemas My earliest memory is sitting out here with my mom and my dad, my grandma, my sister. I remember I was pulling in from the box office and I just look at […]

  • Chicago’s ‘sunken’ homes are remnants of a bold effort to raise the city out of the mud

    Sometimes in Chicago, a home’s first floor is actually below street level. So Shayle from Evanston asks: why are the streets so high in some Chicago neighborhoods? Some homes sit below street level in Chicago because nearby roads were actually raised in the late 1850s, according to Kathleen Carpenter of the Chicago Architecture Center. In the early days after its founding, much of Chicago was basically at the same level as Lake Michigan and the Chicago River. So when it […]

  • Athletes with disabilities reach new heights, prove ‘anyone can climb’

    A group of athletes with disabilities is reaching new heights in Chicago. Their motto: anyone can climb. This is the story of the members of the Adaptive Climbing Group, in their own words: Manasi Deshpande, climber  Climbing for me is very meditative. The only thing that I’m thinking about is, “what is the next move that I’m gonna make, how am I gonna get up the wall?” Because I’m not using my legs, the strategy that I’m using for climbing […]

  • How’s Chicago’s scooting? The city wants your feedback on its e-scooter experiment

    CHICAGO — City officials are asking the public to share what they think about e-scooters as a pilot program testing their potential in Chicago enters the final month. Whether or not they have ridden a scooter, people are encouraged to fill out a survey and share their opinions, the City announced in a statement Tuesday. The four-month pilot program, which is limited to a designated area encompassing parts of the northwest and west sides, is scheduled to come to an […]

  • A brief history of Bears in pop culture, from ‘Galloping Ghost’ to ‘Very Cavallari’

    From songs to movies to commercials, the Chicago Bears have often crossed over from football phenoms to pop culture icons. Chicago Tribune columnist Phil Rosenthal has covered the intersection of sports and pop culture for more than two decades, and says the Bears are to football what the Yankees are to baseball and the Lakers are to basketball: a team that transcends the playing field and impacts our larger culture. “The Bears are certainly in the upper echelon of teams […]

  • A roof on Soldier Field may be possible, but cost and tradition make it unlikely

    Built in 1924, Soldier Field is the oldest stadium in the NFL. But when it was remodeled at the beginning of the new Millennium, you could say the builders left a little something off the top. Since it doesn’t have a roof (or enough seats), Soldier Field is out of contention for major sporting events like the Super Bowl. Which is why Michael from Schaumburg asks: could they ever put a roof on Soldier Field? To get a sense of […]

  • Scammers posing as Will County deputy warn residents to pay ‘bond’ or go to jail

    WILL COUNTY — Scammers posing as a lieutenant from the Will County Sheriff’s Office are trying to scare residents into paying “bond” to stay out of jail, officials said Monday. When Will County residents receive the calls, their caller ID falsely identifies the source as the Will County Sheriff’s Office, the office said in a statement. Technology can allow the scammers to “spoof” the office’s phone number. A male caller then identifies himself using a current deputy’s correct name and […]

  • Chicago’s bubble ambassador is on a mission to spread joy

    In the summer, tour boats on the Chicago river pass through a magic cloud of bubbles tumbling from the Columbus Drive bridge. Up above, a man on a mission to spread joy waves and welcomes them to Chicago. Here’s his story, in his own words. Andre Allen, “Bubble Guy” of downtown Chicago This is my thing. I spread joy. Now, you see a lot of homeless guys out here, you got some that are singing, beat on drums, dance. This […]

  • When can we swim in Chicago’s rivers? Within a decade, activists hope

    When can we swim in Chicago’s rivers? While it’s generally not a good idea to jump in today, activists hope we can swim in the rivers and canals that cut through the city within the next decade.  CHICAGO — The Chicago River flows from the north suburbs through the heart of the city and to the south, but on a hot summer day there’s one thing you won’t see in it: swimmers. Which is why José from the South Side […]

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