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  • What do Chicagoans ACTUALLY eat? It’s not deep dish.

    CHICAGO — With so much history as the “Hog Butcher for the World,” we have a well-earned reputation for eating meaty dishes in Chicago. But things like hot dogs, Italian beef and deep dish pizza are so well-known they’ve become clichés. So it’s not surprising Katie from Norwood Park asks: “outside of those caricatures, what do Chicagoans ACTUALLY eat?” One place to look for answers is local food distributors, who deliver fresh ingredients to restaurants and other food preparers every […]

  • With ICE raids expected, local leaders offer support to undocumented residents

    CHICAGO — On a day when Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officers are expected to execute raids against 2,000 undocumented immigrants across the country, leaders on the local level in Chicago are working with migrant communities and against President Trump’s calls for a crackdown. Word that the raids would take place in Chicago and other cities across the country leaked early last week, and the president confirmed the news Friday. Acting Director of Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli told CNN’s […]

  • CPD arrests dozens in busts, more officers on the street for the holiday weekend

    CHICAGO — After Chicago police arrested dozens in a series of raids Wednesday morning, officials say 1,500 extra officers will also be on the streets this weekend as part of a plan for preventing violence and keeping people safe over the Fourth of July holiday. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said they are taking an “all hands on deck” approach to prepare for the holiday, including a higher number of additional officers than were called in for Memorial Day. This also […]

  • ‘YOUR AD HERE:’ This would-be ad has been visible from the Kennedy for decades

    For decades, commuters taking the Kennedy into downtown have seen a simple, aspirational message: “YOUR AD HERE.” It’s been unchanged for so long, Kevin from Lakeview asked us to find out: “what’s the deal with this sign?” CHICAGO — On the back of a Bucktown coach house, facing the Kennedy, is a white sign with a simple message painted in black: “YOUR AD HERE.” Around 116,000 vehicles pass it on their way into downtown each day, according to the Chicago […]

  • Illinois Gov. Pritzker weighs in: is his nickname spelled JB or J.B.?

    He’s been governor for six months now, but there’s still confusion: is it J.B. or JB? Mike Lowe searches for answers to this period problem. Have a question to #ASKWGN? Fill out the form below or Submit it here. CHICAGO — The Pritzker name is everywhere in Chicago. As one of America’s wealthiest families, they’ve donated to everything from schools to parks to zoos, their names clearly spelled out for everyone to see on things like the Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium […]

  • Sheriff: Good Samaritan enters burning home, saves disabled resident in ‘true act of heroism’

    HANNA CITY, Ill. —  A man who decided to stop as he drove by a burning home in central Illinois ended up saving the life of a wheelchair-bound resident in a “true act of heroism,” according to a Facebook post by the Peoria County Sheriff’s Office. Eric Arnold noticed a large amount of smoke coming from a home in Hanna City as he drove by, the post says, and he decided to stop and make sure everyone made it out […]

  • These bikers help abused kids to no longer live in fear

    When abused kids feel afraid, these bikers bring them into their family to show them they’re never alone – and help them overcome their fear. Meet the Bikers Against Child Abuse, in their own words. Note: For the protection of their members and the kids they work with, the members of Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA)  use their “road names” instead of their real names when speaking on behalf of the group. “Coach,” member of Bikers Against Child Abuse, Fox […]

  • Take a look back at Chicago’s mayors, from the shortest-serving to the tallest

    How many past mayors of Chicago can you name? As Lori Lightfoot begins her term, WGN’s Mike Lowe looks back at some mayors who came before. Do you have a question to Ask WGN? Submit it here. CHICAGO — Chicago is known for its skyscrapers, but perhaps the most important office in the entire city is only five floors up in City Hall. Now that Lori Lightfoot has been sworn in as the 56th mayor of Chicago, that office is […]

  • Many hands touch each flower in a Mother’s Day bouquet on its way to mom

    Each flower in a Mother’s Day bouquet passes through many hands on its way to bring a smile to a deserving mom. Here’s the stories of a few of the people who grow, collect and arrange those flowers in their own words. Jo Dickstein, Co-Founder Flowers For Dreams We started Flowers For Dreams in 2012 after working with it for three summers basically as street peddlers, trying to make some cash to get our way through college, we realized there […]

  • Shared electric scooters coming to the West Side for pilot program this summer

    CHICAGO — It seems dockless electric scooters will be buzzing around the West Side of Chicago this summer, after the City announced a pilot program designed to test the “viability” of on-demand transportation services Wednesday. Scooters from companies like Uber, Lyft, Lime and Bird allow users to find and ride them using a smartphone app, and then leave them parked at their destination when they are done. A pilot program designed by the Department of Transportation and Department of Business […]

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