Recent Articles
  • Finding Help For Rosacea

    Rosacea is a skin condition that impacts health- but can also impact someone’s confidence.  This woman is sharing how she sought help ahead of her wedding, and how she’s feeling more confident after undergoing treatment.  We also learn about rosacea triggers and treatment options for rosacea.

  • The Healthy Habit Of Capoeira

    Sometimes the best way to pick up a healthy habit is to find out what works for others! In our latest ‘Healthy You’ Jane Monzures is meeting up with a woman who says Capoeira is an active meditation for her! Find out why she says it’s a great healthy habit for anyone to try.

  • Why Abs Are Made In The Kitchen

    Strong abs are a common health goal.  But did you know that the key to getting there is to start in the kitchen? Jackie Bender is meeting up with Ashley Walter to learn how our eating habits can impact those results- and steps to take to achieve the abs you’re looking for.

  • Taking Care Of Your Skin

    Our skin does a lot to help keep us healthy- so it’s important we take care of it in return! We’ve got some great tips on what we all can be doing to help keep our skin healthy.

  • How Reiki Works

    In our latest ‘How It Works’ segment we’re exploring a tool that can be beneficial to add to your wellness toolbox- Reiki.  Jane Monzures learns more about how it works to promote wellness, and what the experience is like.

  • Health Hack: Boosting Energy

    Have you ever found yourself lacking in energy? That feeling can make it hard to go about your day- and your healthy routines.  So in this week’s ‘Health Hack’ Jane Monzures is sharing some steps you can take to give your energy levels a natural boost.

  • Roller Dance Fitness

    Fitness comes in all forms- and should be a fun part of your day! That’s why Jane Monzures gave Roller Dance Fitness a try at the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel! Find out why this is a great workout as well as a good time!         To learn more about the Roller Dance Fitness Program:

  • Meatless Monday Benefits

    Did you know that skipping meat even just one day a week can add up to some great health benefits? Jane Monzures is meeting up with chef and author Kendra Peterson to learn why doing ‘Meatless Mondays’ can be a great way to get more nutrients into your diet! Plus, they’re making a tasty meatless recipe – lentil tacos.       Kendra’s Lentil Taco Recipe: <>

  • Family History & Ovarian Cancer

    These twin sisters are sharing their experience with Ovarian Cancer is hopes of educating others about symptoms – and encouraging them to explore their own family history.  We also learn more about what Ovarian Cancer is and how it’s treated.

  • The Healthy Habit Of Curling

    Sometimes the best way to pick up a healthy habit is to find out what works for others! Jackie Bender is finding out why curling with the Chicago Curling Club helps this woman both physically and mentally – and helps keep her social!

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