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  • Managing Crohn’s Disease

    A local mom shares how she was able to work with her doctors to get her Crohn’s Disease under control so she could focus on family time.  We also learn how Crohn’s Disease can impact somebody, and what doctors can do to treat it.

  • How Color Vision Testing Works

    In this week’s ‘How It Works’ Jane Monzures is getting a first hand look at how doctors can test for color vision loss.  We also learn what allows us to see color, and why it’s important to talk to your doctor if you notice changes in your vision.

  • Fueling Your Workout Properly

    A big part of exercising successfully is making sure you’re fueling your body properly.  But all too often many of us don’t know how to do that! So Jane Monzures is meeting up with Ashley Walter to learn when we should be eating – before or after our workouts.  They’re also making a shake that’s great for boosting your workout.       Ashley’s Cherry Chocolate Shake Makes 1 serving What You Need: 1 cup Greek or Icelandic plain yogurt (Icelandic […]

  • The Healthy Habit Of Pilates

    In this week’s ‘Healthy You’ Jackie Bender is checking out a healthy habit that is a total body workout – Pilates! Find out how this woman makes time for it in her busy schedule, and what benefits she sees from her practice.

  • Understanding Innie Versus Outie Belly Buttons

    Have you ever wondered why some people have innie belly buttons while others have outies? We’ve got the answer on why that happens in today’s ‘Did You Know’ segment!

  • Protecting Your Eyes From The Sun

    It’s important to protect your eyes from the sun all year round.  So we’re bringing you some great steps you can take to prevent problems and keep your eyes healthy.

  • Hitting The Pool For Health

    We’re making a splash with this healthy habit! A teacher is sharing her healthy habit with Jane Monzures! They’re getting a total body workout as they hit the pool.

  • Relief From A Hiatal Hernia

    A Chicago man shares how he was able to work with his doctors to find relief from a hiatal hernia and get back on the move.  We also learn how hiatal hernias happen and what symptoms they can cause for someone.

  • An Innovation In Pain Management

    In today’s ‘Innovation In Medicine’ we’re learning about an approach to chronic pain management that’s making a big difference for patients.  One man shares how this program has helped him resume his routine and keep his long term pain in check.

  • Mixing Up Your Fruits And Vegetables

    Have you ever passed up a fruit or vegetable at the grocery store because you weren’t sure what it was – or what to do with it? Today we’re taking a closer look at some of those foods with Ashley Walter.  She’s showing Jane Monzures why it’s important to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables.