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  • Working Out With Your Dog

    Sometimes finding a workout buddy can be a great way to hold yourself accountable when you exercise. And who better for the job than your furry best friend? Jane Monzures headed to K9 Fit Club to learn about the benefits of working out with your dog, and to give some exercises a try!

  • The Healthy Habit Of Basketball

    Sometimes the best way to pick up a healthy habit is to find out what works for others! Find out why this man says basketball is the perfect workout for him- and how it helps him fight stress and live healthy.

  • Navigating A Diagnosis Of Craniosynostosis

    Little Allen has undergone some major health challenges in his young life. His mom Darcy shares how his doctors helped him back on the road to health after he was diagnosed with Craniosynostosis. We also learn more about what it is and how doctors are able to help these children.

  • The Benefits Of Omega-3 Fats

    There are plenty of nutrients we know we should be getting in our diets- but do you know why they’re good for you? Today we’re take a closer look at an important one- Omega 3 Fats! Jackie Bender is meeting up with Vicki Shanta Retelny to learn where they’re found and why we should make them a part of our diet.   Tuna Stuffed Bell Peppers Serves 3   Ingredients 3 bell peppers (red, orange and yellow), seeds removed 2 […]

  • How Many Chambers Are In The Heart?

    Learn about your heart with our latest ‘Did You Know’ segment! Do you know how many chambers are in the heart- or how your blood moves through them? We’ve got the answer!  

  • How To Make The Most Out Of Your Workout

    We all want to maximize the health benefits when we hit the gym- so today we’re sharing some tips on how to get the most out of your exercise time!

  • Hip Hop Dancing To Health

    It’s so important to fit movement into your day for your health! And we’re all about finding creative ways to make it happen! So Jane Monzures is meeting up with Jessica of Chicago Dance Crash to learn why hip hop dancing is a great choice for a workout!

  • Handling High Cholesterol

    Having high cholesterol can put you at risk for a number of health problems.  So it’s important to work with your doctor to create a plan of action if that’s what you’re dealing with. We meet a man who has taken action with his family in mind.  Find out what he’s doing to lower his cholesterol, and what his advice to others is.  We also learn about the different types of cholesterol and why managing cholesterol also comes down to […]

  • How Allergy Testing Works

    Medical testing is important to help us gain information about our health.  But sometimes it can be a bit easier to handle if you know what to expect.  So for our latest ‘How It Works’ Jackie is meeting up with an expert to learn all about allergy testing.

  • The Healthy Habit Of Weight Lifting

    Sometimes the best way to pick up a healthy habit is to find out what works for others! This hair stylist says that lifting weights does the trick for her and helps her make it through long days at work! She’s also telling Jane Monzures how lifting weights helps her fight stress!

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