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  • Living Healthy And Giving Back

    How can your stress not melt away when you hear about this next woman’s healthy habit.  She’s sharing how volunteering with dogs at One Tail At A Time has benefited her both mentally and physically.  Jane Monzures meets up with her to check it out.

  • Genetics And Family Planning

    A woman shares how her sister’s cancer diagnosis led her to seek more information about her own health, and what steps she took to make sure she lowered the cancer risk for her children.

  • How Vision Tests Work

    Did you know that your eyes can say a lot about your overall health?  That’s why vision testing is so important.  Jackie Bender is learning exactly how vision tests work, and what type of information they can provide your doctor.

  • Rowing Your Way To Health

    Looking for a full body workout that’s easy on your joints? Why not give rowing a try! Jane Monzures headed to CrossTown Fitness to learn more about all the ways rowing can benefit your body in this week’s ‘Motivation To Move’.

  • How Women Can Boost Their Fertility

    Family planning is top of mind for many women.  So we’re bringing you some tips on what women can do to help boost their fertility.

  • Health Hack: Improving Oral Health

    In this week’s ‘Health Hack’ Jane Monzures is bringing you some great tips on what you can do to help improve the health of your mouth.

  • Back In The Ring After Ligament Damage

    Find out how this man was able to find relief from ligament damage through stem cell therapy.  He shares how he got back in the boxing ring after undergoing treatment. We also learn more about how this therapy works in the human body.

  • An Innovation In Mammography

    Our latest ‘Innovation In Medicine’ is helping catch cancer! Jane Monzures is learning about a special type of mammography that’s making a big difference.  We also meet a woman who says having this testing done saved her life.

  • The Healthy Habit Of Hydration

    Healthy habits should help us feel good throughout the day!  And that’s just what this man says his does for him.  Jackie Bender is finding out how he makes hydration a priority every day.

  • Dense Breasts 101

    Dense breasts are fairly common- but many women don’t understand their impact when it comes to health.  So we’re bringing you some insight into what having dense breasts means to help you start the conversation with your doctor.