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  • Controlling Type 1 Diabetes

    Diabetes impacts millions of Americans- and can be a challenge to keep under control.  But that’s just what this woman has done – successfully managed her type 1 diabetes for more than 50 years! She’s sharing her tips for success, and we’re learning more about the impact that diabetes can have and what it takes to keep it under control.

  • Understanding Caffeine

    Caffeine is something many adults consume every day.  But not everyone understands the physical impact it can have – or where the limit is when it comes to how much we should be having.  Jackie Bender is meeting up with registered dietitian and nutritionist Katie Goldberg to get all the answers when it comes to keeping it healthy with caffeine.

  • Exercising The Glutes

    Many people don’t think about focusing on their glutes when they hit the gym – but did you know that doing so can have a lot of health benefits? Jane Monzures is meeting up with Sean Armstead of Phenomenal Fitness to learn more – and to check out some great exercises that target the glutes!

  • How A PR Professional Lives Healthy

    Jane Monzures is getting a full body workout as she checks out the healthy habit of a local PR professional! Nina is sharing all the benefits she sees from workouts at Barry’s Bootcamp – and telling us how she makes time in her busy schedule.

  • Health Hack: Healthy Cooking

    In today’s ‘Health Hack’ we’re talking about why it’s important to think about how you prepare your food when it comes to making a healthy meal! Jane Monzures has some great tips on how to make sure you’re keeping it healthy when you cook.

  • Heart Health Tips For Middle Age And Beyond

    Staying heart-healthy is a key part of keeping your body healthy as you reach middle age and beyond.  So we’re bringing you some tips on what you can do to help take care of your heart.

  • How Platelet-Rich Plasma Works

    Sponsored Content: If you’ve had a tendon injury- you’ve probably been curious about Platelet-Rich Plasma.  The treatment taps into the body’s ability to heal itself and can reduce recovery time.   Dr. Vishal Mehta of Fox Valley Orthopedics explains how the innovative approach to healing works and the benefits that come with this treatment.         For more information on Platelet-Rich Plasma treatments, contact Dr. Mehta:

  • Kayaking For Health

    In this week’s ‘Healthy You’ Jane Monzures is checking out the healthy habit of a local graduate student – kayaking! She finds out how hitting the water helps keep him healthy – and gives him a great way to explore Chicago.

  • A Pacemaker Innovation

    In today’s ‘Innovation In Medicine’ we’re learning about the latest technology when it comes to promoting good heart health.  Jackie Bender is learning about the benefits patients see from a new type of pacemaker.  We also meet a woman who says this technology has helped her resume her life as an active senior.

  • Screen Time And Eye Health

    Many of us spend a good portion of our days looking at screens.  But all that time in front of your computer or phone can mean some health concerns when it comes to your eyes.  So today we’re bringing you some tips on what you can do to help protect them from potential problems.