Recent Articles
  • Gardening For Exercise

    Usually when we think about exercise, we think about hitting the gym. But there’s more than one way to get exercise into your day! So Jane Monzures is at Ball Horticultural Company to learn why gardening can be a great workout for any age!

  • Not Limited By Osteoporosis

    A local woman shares how she’s worked to manage her bone health after a diagnosis of osteoporosis, and what it took to get her back on adventures with her daughters. We also learn how osteoporosis can affect the body and what can be done for treatment.

  • The Healthy Habit Of Boxing

    An executive assistant is sharing her healthy habit with us for this week’s ‘Healthy You’ – and it’s a real knockout! Find out why Phyllis says boxing is a great workout and a great way to live healthy!

  • How Skin Checks Work

    In this week’s ‘How It Works’ we’re learning about an exam that should be a regular part of your healthcare checkups- skin checks.  Jackie Bender is learning what doctors look for during the exam, and what should be done to prepare before going in for one.

  • Health Hack: Quitting Smoking For Good

    Smoking is bad for your health for many, many reasons.  So quitting is key when it comes to living a healthy life.  But sometimes that can be tough to do.  So in this week’s ‘Health Hack’ Jane Monzures is bringing you some tips to make extinguishing your smoking habit a bit easier.

  • Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

    Our eyes play an important role in helping us navigate the world.  So it’s important we do our best to keep them healthy.  We’re bringing you some tips on what you can do to help protect the health of your eyes.

  • Enjoying Life After Cataracts

    Cataracts impact the vision of many people as they age, and can present some real challenges when it comes to health and quality of life. We learn how surgery helped this man see and function better, and learn more about why it’s important to work with your doctor to get help if you notice a change in your vision.

  • Working On Balance Through Exercise

    Balance can get a bit tougher for many of us as we age. But exercise can go a long way in helping us maintain good balance for years to come.  Jackie Bender is at Spyrl to try out a workout that’s great for helping with balance in this week’s ‘Motivation To Move’.

  • How A Lawyer Lives Healthy

    A local lawyer is sharing his healthy habit of Tai Chi with Jane Monzures! She’s learning how it’s great for promoting a healthy mind-body connection in this week’s ‘Healthy You’.

  • An Innovation That’s Helping Catch Cancer

    In this week’s ‘Innovation In Medicine’ Jane Monzures is learning about an innovation being used by dentists to catch signs of cancer early.  Dr. Acierno of Decision One Dental explains how this device helps take a deeper look at the health of the mouth, and we hear from a man who says having this screening helped save his life.