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  • Author calls Eunice Kennedy “most influential member of the family” in new book

    The Kennedy men are some of America’s most recognized politicians, but one author says it’s a female Kennedy that deserves the spotlight. Pulitzer prize winner Eileen McNamara highlights the important social contributions made by Eunice Kennedy in her recent book Eunice: The Kennedy Who Changed the World. McNamara’s book is now available for purchase in stores and online.

  • Actor Ralph Macchio talks return of ‘Karate Kid’ on WGN Morning News

    After a 34-year break, the original Karate Kid is coming back on the small screen.  Ralph Macchio joins us live to discuss the reboot of his hit 1984 film in a YouTube series titled “Cobra Kai”, where Macchio and his co-star William Zabka will reprise the iconic roles of Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence years after the famous crane kick.  Season one of “Cobra Kai” premieres May 2 on YouTube Red.

  • Former wrestler AJ Mendez tackles mental health in new book

    Now that she’s done fighting in the ring, WWE wrestling champion AJ Mendez is taking on a new battle: mental health awareness. Mendez stopped by the WGN Morning News to discuss her recent book “Crazy is My Superpower”, a memoir detailing how her experience with bipolar disorder has fueled her passion and inspired a new television series. Mendez’s memoir is available in stores now.

  • Cathy Richardson Band performs live ahead of Chicago benefit concert

    Rock ‘n’ roll musician Cathy Richardson is back in Chicago for a special show benefiting the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute in Australia. Catch the Cathy Richardson Band’s benefit concert live at City Winery on May 23, and check out this video of the band’s live tribute to Newton-John on the Morning News.

  • Actor Rainn Wilson talks new roles, ‘The Office’ transition on WGN Morning News

    He’s out of “The Office” and on to the stage. Actor Rainn Wilson joins us live on the WGN Morning News to discuss his new play “The Doppelganger” and his upcoming appearance in the latest shark film “The Meg”. Performances of “The Doppelganger” will continue now through June 2 at Steppenwolf Theatre, and “The Meg” will hit theaters everywhere August 10.

  • Dr. Streicher returns to debunk common dieting myths

    Pasta lovers rejoice! Northwestern Medicine’s Dr. Lauren Streicher stopped by to discuss some new information about old dieting misconceptions, including the surprising health benefits of pasta and a new fruit juice that could lower blood pressure.

  • Joe Minoso, Tim Kazurinsky discuss new film on WGN Morning News

    Chicago Fire star Joe Minoso and SNL alum Tim Kazurinsky share details about their new film ‘Alonso, The Dream and The Call’, a true story about an immigrant’s struggle to survive in search of the American Dream.

  • The Neverly Brothers perform live on the WGN Morning News

    The Neverly Brothers take us back to the ’50s with a live performance of the Ray Charles hit “What’d I Say”.  You can catch The Neverly Brothers live next Friday, April 27 at Metropolis Performing Arts Centre in Arlington Heights.

  • Around Town: Ana visits Rhea Lana’s youth consignment store in Lombard

    These kids are stylin’ for summer! Ana heads to Rhea Lana’s Children’s Consignment Store in Lombard where director Christine DeGraf has over 90,000 gently-used items for kids, all at discounted prices.

  • WGN gets ‘Covered in Punk’ with Dr. Demento and John Cafiero

    Legendary radio personality Dr. Demento and musician/producer John Cafiero explain their new crazy compilation called “Covered in Punk”, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard comedy chart for two straight weeks. Cafiero and Dr. Demento will hold a special signing event Saturday from 1-3 p.m. at Rolling Stone Records in Norridge.

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