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Lourdes Duarte is co-anchor of WGN Evening News at 4pm. Prior to her role on the evening news, Lourdes was co-anchor of the WGN Morning News and a reporter for WGN News at Nine. Lourdes came to WGN-TV in September of 2007 as a general assignment reporter for the WGN Midday News, WGN Evening News and WGN News at Nine.

Prior to joining WGN-TV, Lourdes worked for three years as a reporter and fill-in anchor for WJBK-TV, the Fox affiliate in Detroit, Michigan. She also spent two years as a reporter for WXIN-TV in Indianapolis. While there, she launched and hosted the station’s public affairs program, “Hoy en Dia,” and anchored daily news cut-ins in Spanish for radio station WEDJ-FM. Lourdes was a reporter in Peoria at WHOI-TV and at Metro Networks in Miami, Florida for radio stations WLRN-FM and WTMI-FM. She got her start here in Chicago, working as a freelance reporter for Telemundo.

Lourdes is a four time Emmy Award winner. She also received an Emmy nomination for a story on deportation. Lourdes and a WGN photographer where aboard the plane that transported undocumented immigrants to their home country.

Lourdes also hosts “Adelante Chicago” on WGN. In 2009, she was picked as one of DePaul University’s 14 Under 40 and is on the Dean’s Advisory Board for the College of Communication.
Lourdes received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from DePaul University.

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  • Man convicted following 11-year wait for trial

    CHICAGO — A man sitting behind bars at the Cook County Jail for more than a decade finally received his day in court and was found guilty. After waiting 11 years, Alex Daniel’s trial started three months after the initial WGN Investigates story aired. He was charged with killing his wife Brenda Daniel Parnell back in 2007.  Daniel switched lawyers several times, had 12 judges and 129 continuances in those 11 years. The victim’s family blamed him for the slowdown […]

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  • Judge sets trial date for man waiting in jail since 2007

    CHICAGO – Alex Daniel, 57, has been behind bars since 2007 waiting for a trial date at the Cook County Jail. On Thursday, a judge finally set a trial date. Daniel was booked in 2007 for the murder of his wife Brenda Daniel. During that time, his case has had 129 continuances and 12 judges. He’s also on his third public defender. He pleaded not guilty but has never had a trial, a jury or a conviction for that murder. […]

  • Second inmate comes forward saying he’s been waiting years for a trial

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