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  • Impact of Trade War with China

    China says it plans to hike tariffs on U.S. products by 25% starting June 1st; in retaliation for America`s decision to increase tariffs from 10% to 25%. Sixty billion dollars of American products will be affected, including farm exports, toys and appliances made in China. Christine McDaniel, a senior research fellow at Mercatus Center at George Mason University explained the impact of those increases.

  • Boy shares his love for Imagine Dragons

    A young boy from suburban Glen Ellyn showed off his love for the band, Imagine Dragons.  

  • College Admissions Scandal: Pressure to get into the right school

    It`s being called the largest college admissions scandal ever. Fifty CEO’S, coaches & actors cheated to help their children get into elite colleges. Frank Palmasani, college counselor at Providence Catholic High School and author of “Right College, Right Price” spoke to WGN Morning News about the rising pressure to get into the right school.

  • Former Secret Service agent discusses safety concerns following Mercy Hospital shooting

    WGN Morning News spoke with G. Michael Verden, CEO and founder of the Lake Forest Group, about safety and security protocols following the deadly shooting at Mercy Hospital.

  • Three Men Share Their Opinion of Hallmark Christmas Movies in Viral Podcast

      WGN Morning News spoke with the guys from “Deck the Hallmark;” the viral podcast that has three men, Brandon Gray, Daniel Pandolph and Daniel Thompson, sharing their opinion of every holiday film that airs on the Hallmark channel this season.

  • Hurricane hunter explains science behind tracking hurricanes

      Richard Henning, the Flight Director for the NOAA Hurricane Hunters spoke to the WGN Morning News about how his team tracks storms, including Hurricane Florence.

  • New site helps combat the spread of fake news

    The phrase “fake news” can be seen and heard almost anywhere. Now, a new website is helping curb the trend of fake websites and stories floating around the internet. NewsGuard is a new site that rates the credibility of news, information and social media sites. WGN Morning News spoke to Jim Warren, one of the founders of NewsGuard.

  • Former Bears player helps teen athletes succeed on and off the field

    Former Chicago Bears cornerback, Ray McElroy has managed to go from NFL athlete to professional motivational speaker.  Now, he`s helping teens and adults find the discipline and dedication needed to achieve their personal and professional goals.

  • Creating a Successful Business with Marcus Lemonis

    Marcus Lemonis is the CEO of Camping World Holdings, a self-made millionaire and the host of the CNBC show “The Profit,” where he helps struggling businesses across the country find success. Now, he`s bringing an Erewhon Outfitters Store to Schaumburg.

  • Mother makes it her mission to end hot car deaths

    The start of summer comes in just a few days, but already children have died after being left alone in hot cars. Experts say on average, 37 children die every year after being left alone in hot cars. Now, one mother, Karen Osorio, whose daughter, Sofia died in the backseat of a car is making it her mission to put an end to hot car deaths. Watch her full interview in the video player above

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