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  • Jamie Dornan reportedly quitting ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

    The Fifty Shades of Grey movie has taken over $129 million at the box office, but one of its stars may have already had enough. There are rumors that Mr. Christian Grey himself will not be returning for the franchise’s expected sequels and reprising his character. Australian magazine NW says leading man, Jamie Dornan, quit out of consideration for his wife, who is not comfortable with the film’s explicit sex scenes and her husband’s new “sex symbol” status. The actors […]

  • Man loses arm making dough at job in Bridgeport

    BRIDGEPORT, Ill. – A 40-year-old man lost his arm while making dough at work. It happened Monday in Bridgeport at The Canton Noodle Company. The man was mixing flour to make the dough, when his left arm go caught in the industrial mixer and detached from his shoulder. He was taken to Stroger Hospital and is listed in critical condition. No other information about the incident is available.  

  • Incredible photos capture rescue of woman trapped inside sinking car

    NEW ZEALAND- An incredible rescue by two police officers who saved a woman trapped inside of her sinking car. The dramatic photos show the car submerged in a fisherman’s harbor after it drove off of a rock wall on Auckland’s North Shore. Officers Paul Watts and Simon Russell responded to the call around 3 p.m on Tuesday. Two witnesses were trying to hold up and balance the half submerged car when they arrived. The woman moved to the backseat and¬† […]

  • Drunk man falls asleep while taking mugshot

    TEXAS — Here’s one way you don’t want to wake up. Authorities found 20-year-old Christopher Shirley was found fast asleep in his truck outside a Walmart in Texas. His truck backed into another vehicle, and when police woke him up, he failed his sobriety test. He admitted that he had been drinking when he drove to Walmart and was booked for intoxication. But his crime isn’t what people will be talking about– it’s his mugshot. As deputies tried to take […]

  • Uber adding panic button in Chicago

    CHICAGO — Uber is adding new security¬† measures to its ride ride-sharing service in Chicago. The panic button will allow riders to alert police straight from Uber’s mobile app if they feel threatened. The move comes after 2 Chicago Uber drivers were charged with sexual assault. It is unclear if Chicago will be the first city to test the service in the US. India was the first country to get the panic button option, following several rape allegations against drivers. […]

  • Woman gives birth to 14-pound baby after surprise pregnancy

    TAMPA, Fla. — A woman who learned of her pregnancy in the third trimester, got a huge surprise in the delivery room. No, it wasn’t twins. It was a baby boy weighing 14.1 pounds. Even crazier? She gave birth to him naturally. The baby, named Avery, is the heaviest born in the Tampa hospital and one of the largest in the state of Florida. The mother says she knew the baby would be bigger than usual, but didn’t expect him […]

  • Target employees help teen get ready for first job interview

    RALEIGH, N.C. — A teen getting ready for his first job interview received some exceptional customer service when he stopped by his local Target for a tie. The whole Target team helped the young man pick one out and even showed him how to tie it. Then, they offered advice on how to land the job, with tips like “use a firm hand shake” and “remember to make eye contact.” “We were just here to help a young man get […]

  • California lawmakers proposing law that requires vaccinations

    LOS ANGELES — Lawmakers in California are hoping to pass a law that would require parents to vaccinate all children, unless it poses a health risk. California is one of the 20 states that allows parents to opt their children out of vaccinations based on personal beliefs and religious reasons. The move comes after California public health officials confirmed over 100 people with the measles virus, following an outbreak in Disneyland. The virus has spread like wildfire throughout the United […]

  • Tonight’s Powerball jackpot hits $317M

    CHICAGO — Are you feeling lucky today? You have a chance to win some big money, all you have to do is buy a Powerball ticket. Tonight’s jackpot is a whopping $317 million. That’s the biggest Powerball jackpot since last February, when it hit $425 million. And it puts an end to the “jackpot drought,” which hasn’t seen Powerball climb over 300 million in nearly a year. Tonight’s prize is also the 11th largest jackpot ever. The pot has been […]

  • Metra fare increase starting this Sunday

    CHICAGO — A reminder for Metra riders: Fare increases begin this Sunday, February 1. One way fares will go up an average of 11% to 18%. That means about 50 cents to a $1 for riders. Fares will continue rising an average of 68% over the next decade to help fund major improvements, like new rail cars and the locomotives. By 2024, riders can expect a one-way ride to cost around $5.50. On the upside, Metra will restore discounts for […]

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