Katharin Czink is WGN’s Medical Watch Producer.

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  • Citrus juice can cause severe burns in the sun

    CHICAGO — The dangers of a lemonade stand or making margaritas — kids and adults could get burns! WGN’s Medical Watch Team first learned about this bizarre occurrence after a viewer wrote in about her experience and shared the photos to prove it. Phytophotodermatitis is a skin reaction that’s one-part citrus juice, typically lemon or lime, and one-part sun exposure. Mix them together and you could end up with a red, blistering rash. “We really don’t know any way to […]

  • Group pre-natal visits help parents-to-be ‘center’ on pregnancy

    Imagine expecting a baby and going for pre-natal visit with up 10 other moms and their partners in the room? It’s happening at a Chicago hospital, and surprisingly the parents-to-be love the idea. The group pre-natal visit is a concept called “centering pregnancy.” It starts with a quick measure. Then the sound of a healthy heart booms. But at the end of their 35-week ultrasound, Jen and Austin Butler joined five other couples gathered on the other side of a […]

  • CBD is exploding in the marketplace, helping humans, animals with aches and pains

    CHICAGO — It’s creating a buzz in the market place. It’s not the same as medical marijuana, but some people are turning to CBD for relief. The products are spreading like weeds, making promises to ease all kinds of ailments. You don’t need a special medical card to purchase it, and you certainly won’t have any trouble finding it. But does it work? The hum of a high-speed blender is a familiar sound at RealGood Stuff Co. in River North. […]

  • Twins ‘partially’ delivered so one could get emergency surgery

    After an infant in the womb was diagnosed with a tumor nearly as large as its head, the only way doctors thought they could remove it was to half-deliver the child and operate. But there was another complication: the baby is a twin. A tumor growing on baby Jenessa’s neck stemming from her thyroid was blocking her airway. As it grew, doctors monitored her health and her sister’s health. At 29 weeks, the giant mass was causing too much fluid […]

  • Death of Beth Chapman shines light on rise in throat cancers

    The death of Beth Chapman, who starred as a bail bondsman alongside her husband on “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” is a tragic reminder of the rise in cases of throat cancer and the difficulty of treating it. Chapman died at age 51 after battling throat cancer, which has three known causes: smoking, drinking alcohol and the human pappiloma virus (HPV), a sexually-transmitted infection. While what caused her cancer is unknown, Chapman was once a smoker herself and expressed concern that […]

  • WGN’s June Teacher of the Month encourages students through graduation and beyond

    CHICAGO — It may surprise you that WGN’s June Teacher of the Month didn’t exactly ace high school or even embrace his own education early on. But now he channels that struggle to help his students take advantage of the opportunities he missed out on. Quang Nguyen runs the AVID program at Curie High School. AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. He steps in as early as freshman year and sticks with students all the way to graduation, and […]

  • Kindergarten teachers focuses on students’ academics and emotions

    CHICAGO — When it comes to kindergarten, the lessons are little gems — they are simple but significant. The May Teacher of the Month embraces the opportunity and makes sure her students are off to a good start academically and emotionally. Diana Rocuant teaches at Reilly Elementary on Chicago’s Northwest Side. There’s story time and learning exercises, but just as important is the time she spends with her students simply sharing thoughts and emotions in “the peace circle.” “I want […]

  • Karate helps Parkinson’s patients with mind-body connection – and more

    Parkinson’s patients are finding success by attacking the disease that attacks movement with karate.  It’s a discipline centered on the mind body connection. But it’s the connections the students are making with each other that are just as powerful. A class at Fonseca Martial Arts is part of an ongoing study out of Rush University Medical Center. The idea came to neurologist Dr Jori Fleisher from one of her patients. “I mean, it sounded crazy, but it sounded like so […]

  • Jammed, broken, bent: Chicago’s own 16-inch softball comes with its own badge of honor

    CHICAGO — On any given evening, in any given park, you’ll likely find a game of 16-inch softball and it comes with its own badge of honor. It’s a game that got its start in the City of Chicago. Some have been playing 16-inch softball for more than 60 years. And many of them now share a distinct feature, one that proves their love for a sport that’s hands down a local favorite. Jammed, broken, or bent — crooked fingers […]

  • Giving the gift of dying on their own terms, hospice nurse helps patients and families

    Nurses Week 2019 This week is a special week on Medical Watch. WGN News is honoring the unsung heroes of medicine — nurses. From cancer treatments to rehabilitation, we tackle memory care and end of life. As Nurses Week closes out, WGN News looks at the end of life and perhaps the most challenging task of all — helping loved ones give their sick relatives the gift of dying on their own terms. Hospice nurses hold their hands, realizing their […]

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