Katharin Czink is WGN’s Medical Watch Producer.

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  • Debunking the misconception of inducing labor and cesarean birth

    CHICAGO — With a bit of labor, a local physician helped debunk a commonly held belief. It’s a pleasant surprise for expectant mothers and their doctors. Northwestern Medicine OBGYN Dr William Grobman said the long-held belief that inducing labor often leads to a cesarean birth has been a topic among parents and medical specialist for a long tie. “We’ve really thought and wondered about it for a super long time. Not just years but decades,” he said. Doctors may recommend […]

  • A ‘small-town’ story of how one man’s life was saved

    MORRIS, Ill. — Ken Iverson calls the time the community came together to save his life a “small-town Morris story.” A retired teacher and coach who now runs a basketball program at the local YMCA, Iverson says just about everyone in Morris knows who he is. “I was born here, went away to college for four years and came back. I did the math once; 15,000 to 20,000 kids have been under my supervision as a student or ballplayer,” Iverson […]

  • Mother, daughter who came to US seeking refuge meet with loved ones in Chicago

    As immigrant families were reunited on Thursday, another family – a mother and daughter who stayed together after crossing into the country, got to see their loved ones in Chicago. The joy is infectious, and it comes after great pain and fear. A young mother fled Honduras after gangs threatened to take her daughter away. She escaped in the night and made the harrowing journey to America. WGN met Karla and Maria in Texas where she told us she wasn’t […]

  • ‘Mind Diet’ helps you fight off Alzheimer`s Disease with food

    What you eat may lead you to the fountain of youth and you may be able to fight off Alzheimer’s Disease with food.  Health officials said the “Mind Diet” can take seven-plus years off your brain. Rush University Medical Center researcher Dr Martha Clare Morris said there are “several diet patterns that seem to be protective for the brain” but the “Mind Diet” stands out. “When we followed people for a period of 10 years, we found those who scored […]

  • Boy beats cancer with help from doctor’s creative twist of a knee

    CHICAGO — The creativity of one doctor turned a leg backwards to put a life on the right path and helped an active young boy beat cancer. 11-year-old Jamari Sanders loves sports. “Mostly basketball, but football too. Shooting around and dribbling,” he said. And he does it all on a reconstructed leg and prosthetic. “I pretty much can do everything,” Jamari said. Intense pain was the first sign of trouble and it started when Jamari was 8-years-old. “I couldn’t walk,” […]

  • Crossing the border and staying together, shelter helps those awaiting court

    WGN’s Dina Bair has reported from the Texas-Mexico border this week. SAN BENITO, Texas — Many headlines focus on the stories of adults and children separated at the U.S.-Mexico border. But some families are crossing into America and staying together. WGN’s Dina Bair visited that immigration shelter La Posada Providencia, that gets calls directly from immigration officials asking the staff of nuns to help. People come to the shelter from all over the world. This month alone they arrived from […]

  • Dina Bair talks about her tour of border protection sorting facility

    WGN’s Dina Bair has reported from the Texas-Mexico border this week. MCALLEN, Texas — WGN’s Dina Bair was able to tour a border protection sorting facility. “The children and adults are in separate cages,” Bair said. “They are cleaned with mylar blankets. The children are not crying. In fact, they are so quiet it is eerie.” When Sister Norma comes they all beg her to get them out.

  • Chicagoans lend a hand at border facility for families seeking asylum

    WGN’s Dina Bair has reported from the Texas-Mexico border this week. MCALLEN, Tex. — A handful of Chicago priests made the journey to Texas Wednesday to observe how the church is helping immigrants and asylum-seekers along the border. For those who meet the requirements of asylum-seekers, after they’re released from border protection custody, they may move over to Sister Norma Pimentel’s Humanitarian Respite Center. “It might be the mother is pregnant or the infant is fragile,” sister Norma said. “They […]

  • A look inside border immigration facility that runs with help from Chicago

    WGN’s Dina Bair has reported from the Texas-Mexico border this week. MCALLEN, Tex. — A group from Chicago is working on the border, learning and promising to help understand the immigration crisis. There are legal aspects of immigration that are swirling through the courts. But there are others who are not concerned about the legal process instead just trying to take care of people in need. Most crossing the Texas –Mexico border end up at the border protection facility in […]

  • Worshipping at the border with help from Chicago

    WGN’s Dina Bair has reported from the Texas-Mexico border this week. MCALLEN, Texas — As the desperate attempts are underway to reunite parents and children, there are others working tirelessly to take care of families in need. 150 to 200 families come to the Humantirian Respite Center in McAllen, Texas every day. And just a few miles away, the Sacred Heart of Jesus church is being built with donations from Chicago.  The church will be accessible to those who cross […]