Recent Articles
  • Dynamic Flex Warm Ups for Injury Prevention

    The words "dynamic flex warm" up can sound scary and painful.  However, it’s a simple concept and very important from the moment you wake up to the moment you start to move.

  • Games and Pediatric Cancer

    A local doctor says games help children with cancer recover faster and decrease the amount of time children spend in the hospital.

  • Losing to Win: Weight Loss Inspiration

    According to the CDC, 27% of Illinois residents are obese. Thanks to hard work and determination, Chicagoan Jen Fite is no longer one of them.

  • Knee & Ankle Stabilization: Prevent Injuries!

    Many attribute the pain in their ankles and knees to old age. Often, old age isn't the culprit as much as weak joints, which can befall people of any age.

  • AIDS: The current status check

    AIDS is still a problem in the United States with more than 50,000 new infections each year.

  • Your core: it’s not just a six-pack!

    Weak core muscles contribute to poor posture, lower back pain and slouching.

  • Alzheimer's Disease

    There is currently no way to prevent Alzheimer's but there are possible techniques to delay the onset of the disease and beneficial approaches to manage the disease.

  • Streching: How does it de-age the body?

    The top 5 reasons why you should stretch are to: reduce muscle tension, increase range of motion, increase blood circulation, increase energy levels, and decrease your risk of injury.

  • Ben Pohl: Giving Back

    Ben Pohl viewed a life-altering accident as his call to action. See what you can do to volunteer in your own city and make a difference.

  • A Back Surgery Alternative

    Traditionally, fusion surgery would require long recovery time but with a new technology called iO-Flex, surgery is much simpler.

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