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  • McDonald’s customers upset over mozzarella sticks that lack a key ingredient

    McDonald’s customers took to social media to blast the chain for missing what they say is a crucial ingredient in the restaurant’s mozzarella sticks: cheese. Throughout the month of January, a handful of McDonald’s customers posted photos of what looks like hollow breaded sticks. What is missing from the center is mozzarella cheese, and customers are not happy about it. @McDonalds what is this lol no cheese in my mozzarella sticks — Jonathan Lee Dai (@JoeNaeThin) January 27, 2016 Went to go try @McDonalds mozzarella […]

  • Mom’s viral Facebook post claims sales associate body-shamed her teenage daughter

    WICHITA, Kan. — A mother’s Facebook post to a department store sales associate has gone viral after that associate told her teenage daughter she needed to put on a pair of Spanx. In the Facebook post, Megan Harris describes a shopping trip to a local Dillard’s to help her 13-year-old daughter find a dress for an upcoming school formal. During their search, Harris found a red dress she liked and asked her daughter to try it on. Lexi said the dress “wasn’t her style” but tried it […]

  • Officials may temporarily turn Niagara Falls into trickle

    NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y.  — State officials are holding a public hearing this week to discuss plans for replacing 115-year-old bridges linking the mainland to islands near the brink of Niagara Falls. The state parks and transportation departments said in an October report that the two concrete arch bridges need to be replaced. To do so, they might reduce the flow on the American side of the falls by building a temporary structure to redirect Niagara River water to the Canadian side. The bridges […]

  • Pregnant teen dies after shoveling snow, family says

    POTTSTOWN, Pa. — Friends and family are mourning a pregnant teen who died after shoveling snow outside her home. A family member told WCAU that 18-year-old Briahna Gerloff collapsed after shoveling snow outside her home at about 9 a.m Saturday. “I told her it probably wasn’t a good idea for her to be outside shoveling,” a family member, who was not identified, told WCAU. “She wanted to do it anyway.” The family member said he went across the street to take a break […]

  • What a Chicago guy learned after he stopped drinking for 2 years

    Two years ago, a Chicago man decided to quit drinking and the results stunned him. Andy Boyle, a comedian, writer and web developer in Chicago, was out drinking at a closing night party of a comedy venue when he had his last drink. After the show he decided to take a “breather” from drinking and focus on productivity. Ever since then his life improved significantly. He posted his “short list” of accomplishments on Medium at the end of last year, and ever since then his post […]

  • PHOTOS: Indiana family’s traditional ‘ice tree’ back for another year

    INDIANAPOLIS — Veal’s Ice Tree is back in action! But if you want to see it you will have to drive out to Indiana this weekend. Creating the ice tree is a family tradition that’s been going strong for 50 years. The “ice tree” is not really a tree but a sculpture the family constructs on their own. “First we start out with some old junky 2x4s, binder twine, rusty nails, we build a frame, and this year, we wanted a cave, […]

  • Penguin Awareness Day: 5 ways you can help save them

    January 20 is Penguin Awareness Day. No, we didn’t know it existed either, but it’s important because like a lot of critters, they’re losing habitat and feeding grounds. According to, penguins are one of the most threatened species. Eleven species of penguins were listed as “threatened” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Two others were listed as “near threatened,” and five others were listed as “of least concern.” One of the “near threatened” species is the emperor penguin. One study […]

  • Novak Djokovic offered $200,000 to lose match in 2007

    MELBOURNE, Australia — Tennis superstar Novak Djokovic says he was offered $200,000 to lose a match almost 10 years ago. According to ESPN, his team was offered the amount for a first-round match at a tournament in St. Peterburg, Russia in 2007. He said he wasn’t approached directly, but “through people that were working with me at that time.” Djokovic made it clear he rejected the “opportunity” and that he didn’t even attend the tournament. “It made me feel terrible because […]

  • New York flight attendant disappears after quitting job

    NEW YORK — A search is underway for a Delta flight attendant who was last seen leaving LaGuardia Airport on Thursday. According to PIX 11, Sierra Shields, 30, was last seen at about noon on Jan 14. After talking to her supervisor, she reportedly quit her job and then left the airport. Shields was scheduled to fly later that afternoon but never made the flight. Her phone and wallet were reportedly found at her apartment. The family started a Facebook page called Find […]

  • Harry Potter fan leaves lily in front of Professor Snape’s classroom

    Harry Potter fans have been paying tribute to the late Alan Rickman in the most wizardly way. The tributes started with fans “raising wands” on Twitter Thursday. Raise your wands in honour of a brilliantly talented man the world was blessed to have known. #RIPAlanRickman — Harry Potter Things (@HarryPotterings) January 14, 2016 "To the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure." 💫 #RIPAlanRickman — Nicc (@ItsNicXx) January 14, 2016 And sharing their artwork across social media. […]

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