Emmy award winning reporter, Erin Ivory joined WGN-TV in April 2011. After many years waking up early as part of the WGN Morning News team, she has returned to her reporting roots as WGN Evening News features reporter. She loves her new role, getting to thoughtfully share the stories of everyday people doing amazing and good things all over Chicagoland.

Prior to landing at WGN-TV, Erin circled a 90 mile radius around Chicago, working as a news anchor and reporter in Milwaukee, South Bend and Rockford.

Erin graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a Bachelors of Science degree in Broadcast Journalism.

When she is not turning stories for the ‘feel-good’ beat, you can find her chasing her wild and crazy four children and two dogs at home with her husband, Demetrius Ivory. Before all that, she used to enjoy running, camping, travel adventures and triathlons. In the interim she’s living on a glorious mix of coffee and chaos…and says she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Recent Articles
  • Quite the coop: Backyard chickens ruling the roost

    WESTERN SPRINGS, Ill. — Back in the day, the only way you saw roosters or chickens was a field trip to a farm or watching Foghorn Leghorn on Saturday mornings. Now, the local food movement has changed that in a big way. Urban chickens now rule the roost. Annie Tandy’s family in Western Springs was one of the first in their community to get a backyard coop. “I know it’s not a normal suburban thing to do to have chickens, […]

  • Tidying up inspired by ‘Kondo effect’ sparks good at nonprofit resale shops

    CHICAGO — It’s 8 a.m., the bins and racks at the WINGS resale shop are already overflowing, and resale manager Colleen Dellarosa suspects Marie Kondo has something to do with it. “We hear it all the time now,” Dellarosa said. “Tons of donations from people saying they are downsizing and cleaning out.” Since the release of Kondo’s book and subsequent Netflix series about the art of tidying up, sales at WINGS resale shops have soared 40 percent. As a result, […]

  • Blackhawks debut hockey program just for girls

    CHICAGO — The Blackhawks locker room is busting at the seams with  pony tails and hot fuschia laces as a squad of young players prepares to take to the ice. They’re the first to join the new all-girl “Little Blackhawks” program, a first for girls so young their skates swing high above the bench at M.B. Ice Arena. “Initially we thought, ‘well, let’s just see how this goes,'” Blackhawks Senior Director Annie Camins said. “We thought if we get 10 […]

  • Southpaw high school student says ACT unfair to lefties

    CHICAGO — In the high-pressure world of college testing, one leftie is fighting back. With page after page of timed equations, algorithms and Scantron bubbles, the last thing most students are worried about is whether they’re scribbling their answers with their right or left hand. But one southpaw said being a leftie is detrimental when it comes to the ACT. “I had to recopy every question because my left hand was blocking it,” high school senior Natalie Wexler said. Wexler […]

  • Time runs out for Lakeview vintage staple Hollywood Mirror

    CHICAGO — In a world dotted with Starbucks and Targets, one shop’s windows full of vintage mannequins and kitschy flavor stood for something along Belmont Avenue. “Everything that’s unique is disappearing around here which is real sad,” Hollywood Mirror employee Gabi Cracraft said. For 26 years, Hollywood Mirror has been the place to find anything that’s not new. Every rack takes you a step back in time. But owner Mickey Akada says what’s old is no longer new; at least […]

  • True grit, skill and heart on display at wheelchair basketball championship

    CHICAGO — It’s been nearly 20 years since the best ballers in the country rolled onto the hardwood in Chicago. 250 athletes packed the Broadway Armory for the kickoff to the National Wheelchair Basketball Association Division 3 national championship “To see these teams come from all over the United States and then see the top 16 teams is really amazing,”  player Seth Golden said. The first game was Friday and the number one team was taken out by the last ranked […]

  • From packing leftovers to filling backpacks, programs make sure kids don’t go hungry

    ELKHART, Ind. — It all began with a small announcement from the Elkhart Independent School District that their schools would begin packaging up unused cafeteria food into meals kids could take home. Here’s how it works: cafeteria workers collect unused food at the end of each day, and the nonprofit Cultivate picks it up and repackages it. Those pre-packed meals are frozen and then handed out to students each Friday, so they have food for the weekend. It’s a simple […]

  • High school ‘Aviation Academy’ is like shop class, but with airplanes

    WHEELING, Ill. — It’s tough not going full-throttle when your classroom is an airfield, and your textbook is a Cessna. Nearly 200 students from District 214 in the northwest suburbs are getting hands-on training at Wheeling’s Executive Airport for the “Aviation Academy.” The first of its kind, the elective offering lets students gain both college credit and an FAA-level certification. “The program has been hugely popular since we launched it this year,” said Dan Weidner, Director of Academic Programs for […]

  • 7 hacks that help the Ivorys juggle 4 kids and 2 careers

      After WGN’s Erin Ivory posted a photo of her family’s dinner board to social media, she was surprised by the huge response she got from people — including fellow parents — asking how she and her husband (also WGN’s own) Demetrius are able to juggle their careers and their four kids. “Truth is…we don’t always nail it and it took over a year to figure out how to make it a little easier,” Erin said. Below, Erin shares a […]

  • Teen turns prosthetic arm into glitter-shooting unicorn horn

    CHICAGO — Jordan Reeves is only 13, and she’s already changing how people perceive disabilities with a fantastically magical prosthetic. Born with just one arm, Jordan Reeves says she learned early to use a creative mindset to overcome other’s misconceptions. “I wanted to show people that our differences don’t necessarily hold us back, in fact, they can give us more opportunity,” she said. For months, Jordan brainstormed how to turn her prosthetic arm into something wondrous. “I have always been […]

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