Emmy award winning reporter, Erin Ivory joined WGN-TV in April 2011. After many years waking up early as part of the WGN Morning News team, she has returned to her reporting roots as WGN Evening News features reporter. She loves her new role, getting to thoughtfully share the stories of everyday people doing amazing and good things all over Chicagoland.

Prior to landing at WGN-TV, Erin circled a 90 mile radius around Chicago, working as a news anchor and reporter in Milwaukee, South Bend and Rockford.

Erin graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a Bachelors of Science degree in Broadcast Journalism.

When she is not turning stories for the ‘feel-good’ beat, you can find her chasing her wild and crazy four children and two dogs at home with her husband, Demetrius Ivory. Before all that, she used to enjoy running, camping, travel adventures and triathlons. In the interim she’s living on a glorious mix of coffee and chaos…and says she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Recent Articles
  • Shop owner fixes up old bikes to give wheels to those in need

    STREAMWOOD — His shop is called Never Ending Cycles, an appropriate name for a guy who has pretty much had a bike wrench in hand since he was 15. From selling shiny new ones to fixing up old favorites, owner Mike Geigel loves nothing more than sending people off with two wheels and a smile. But when he heard about kids without, his own wheels began spinning. “There’s so many people that need bikes around here,” Geigel said. “There’s people […]

  • Volunteers build beds for children in need

    CHICAGO — Last month, WGN News reported on several teens in DCFS care who had to sleep on the floor of a state office building. Now, an organization is tackling the issue by getting kids their own beds. For months, it’s been a constant hum of drills for the volunteers of Sleep in Heavenly Peace, an organization dedicated to build beds to children and families in need. One question that’s on the minds of a group of volunteers, brings them […]

  • Veteran adds name to historic flag, finds new purpose in sharing story

    DES PLAINES, Ill. — One of Illinois’ last survivors of the battle of Iwo Jima is finally sharing his story. Woody Hughes survived the battle but was reluctant to talk about. “How would I have reacted? How would it affect my psyche over all those years?” Hughes said. For decades, most knew him as “Coach Hughes,” a longtime teacher and basketball coach at Maine West High School in Des Plaines. It wasn’t until he retired and the years passed that […]

  • Sneaking learning into fun, ‘Code Ninjas’ helps give kids a boost in tech education

    LONG GROVE, Ill. — Nestled in a strip mall, next to a hardware store, is one of the hottest kid classes in the Chicago area. Using martial arts as a foundation, students at Code Ninjas work their way up through the colored belts and are guided by the senseis looking over their shoulders. For owners,  Nawroz and ” Zeeshan Bhimji, the franchised business is a culmination of everything they dreamed of. They met as teens and were brought to the […]

  • Teen entrepreneurs launch t-shirt line to break the cycle of poverty, violence

    CHICAGO — While Candice Cunningham is a self-made e-commerce powerhouse, she measures her success in how much she invests in the young people of the area where she grew up. For eight months, a group of teens from the neighborhood have been hovering over cotton t-shirts they worked on and designed themselves. Every one tells a story, and will be sold as part of the Rise Collection. “It represents each student, the fact that they are unique they have unique […]

  • Man just keeps swimming after losing family to ALS, raising money for a cure

    Over the last eight years, Doug McConnell estimates he’s swam hundreds of thousands of miles in honor of two people he can’t bring back. “My father was diagnosed with ALS in 1994… It was shortly after he died that one of my sisters was diagnosed,” McConnell said. “To see someone you love receive that diagnosis, there is this feeling of powerlessness that you just can’t describe.” Approximately 30,000 Americans are living with ALS, a degenerative disease that affects nerve and […]

  • How one Chicago woman brought back the art of sewing

    CHICAGO — One woman is single handily bringing sewing back into the mainstream. Anna Hovet of Hovet Fashion Studios spends her days teaching people how to cut, pin and sew their own clothes. They have no idea how to sew, but they want to learn. She said some of these people talk about how their grandmothers and mothers sewed costumes or their clothes. Ashley Deleon, a sewing student, said she had never even sewn a button on before taking the […]

  • Bags of food ‘blessings’ make sure kids don’t go hungry over the weekend

    CHICAGO — While CPS schools feed breakfast and lunch to one in five kids who receive food assistance, those in need over the weekend may have nowhere to go. So for years, Blessings in a Backpack has been loading clear plastic bags with food that’s slipped into a kid’s backpack on Fridays, preparing them for the weekend. “People often think, ‘there aren’t hungry kids in my community,’ but the reality is every single state, every single county, there are hungry […]

  • After oldest dies from MS, brothers continue to race against the disease

    ST. CHARLES, Ill. — The bikes and signature blue jerseys are the same, but for the first time in decades one tight-knit team will join the Bike MS ride without the man they call “Go Johnny Go” leading them on. The eldest and ring leader of four brothers, Johnny Koys was diagnosed with MS when he was about 20 years old. Still, his brother Bob Koys said he remained, “one of the most optimistic and positive people that I knew.” […]

  • Program helps wounded veterans prepare for a triathlon, kindles their fighting spirit

    HAMMOND, Ind. — Dozens of injured military veterans reclaimed a piece of their fighting spirit, crossing a finish line this past week. They came in wheelchairs, braces and prosthetics to do what many of them believed would never be possible: train for a triathlon. After suffering two traumatic brain injuries in Afghanistan, Marine veteran Juan Cornejo was told he would never walk again. Now, with the help of Dare2Tri military camp, he’s training to run, bike and swim. “This feels […]

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