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  • How to Paint Outdoor Furniture

    Give your outdoor furniture a new life with a coat of primer and spray paint. Megmade’s Meg Piercy shows you how to do just that! 

  • How to Build a Wood Planter Box

    There’s no need to buy a hanging planter, when you can DIY your own! In this project, Sean Buino walks you through the steps to build your own planter box out of scrap wood. Completely customize yours with his tutorial.

  • How to Repair a Screen Door

    Screen doors see a lot of wear and tear during the summertime. Luckily, they’re easy to fix and you can definitely do-it-yourself. Ace Hardware’s Bill Steinhauser walks you through the steps to repair your screen door.

  • Ace Shopping List – Miss Muffet’s Spider Killer

    When the warm weather hits, you’ll probably notice more spiders getting inside your home. Check out this product from Ace Hardware to keep your home protected from spiders.

  • Quick Fix – How to Keep Ants Out

    Ants can be a big nuisance when they get inside your home. Sean Buino walks you through multiple options to get rid of those insects for good!

  • Navigating the Lawn and Garden Aisle at Ace Hardware

    SPONSORED CONTENT Shopping for home products can sometimes be a little overwhelming. But Ace Hardware is chock full of products to keep your home in tip-top shape. Ace Hardware’s Stan Livermore walks you through the Lawn & Garden area in the store. Check out his insider tips and tricks to make the most of your time spent shopping. Visit for more details.

  • How to Combat Critters in your Yard

    SPONSORED CONTENT If you have a critter problem in your backyard, then you’ll definitely want to watch this video to check out the latest and greatest ways to combat these pests. Keep your lawn intact, and the critters away with these product recommendations. Visit your local Ace Hardware or for more information.

  • How to Combat Grubs with Ace Hardware

    SPONSORED CONTENT Grubs can severely damage any lawn or yard, but luckily you can get rid of these unwanted pests if you have the right supplies. Ace Hardware’s Stan Livermore walks Ryan through the different product options available to get rid of grubs for good. Visit for more information.

  • The Right Products to Kill Weeds

    SPONSORED CONTENT Have a weed problem outside your home? You’ll need the right products to get rid of those pesky weeds for good. Ace Hardware has a wide range of products to remove those unwanted plants, so your lawn and garden look pristine. Visit for more details.

  • The Right Products for a Healthy Lawn

    SPONSORED CONTENT It’s time to get your lawn looking lush & green, and Ace Hardware has the products to get the job done right. Watch the video for tips on how to create a healthy lawn, and then head to your local Ace to pick up some Jonathan Green products. Visit for more information.

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