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  • How to Choose the Right LED Bulb with Ace Hardware

    SPONSORED CONTENT You can change your overhead fluorescent bulbs to LED ones! Ace Hardware’s Stan Livermore has the scoop so you buy the right product for your home. Visit for more details.

  • How to use Mason Jars for Canning & Crafts

    SPONSORED CONTENT Mason jars are traditionally used for canning fruits & vegetables at the end of the summer. But about 30% of mason jar sales at Ace Hardware are used for other crafts & DIY projects. In this segment, Stan Livermore walks Ryan through the various products available at your local neighborhood Ace Hardware. Visit for more information.

  • How to Install Wall Sconces

    Creating a layered, well-designed room is all about lighting. And wall sconces can definitely set the mood in a space. We walk you through the advanced project of adding wall sconces to a bedroom.

  • Ace Shopping List: GFCI Outlet

    Keep your family safe and update your old outlets to GFCI outlets. Ace expert, Stan Livermore, chats about this must-have in this week’s Ace Shopping List.

  • Quick Fix: How to Use an Electricity Tester

    Stay safe when working on electrical projects and use an electricity tester. Sean Buino shows you how in this Quick Fix.

  • How to Replace Outdated Outlets

    You can easily replace outdated outlets all by yourself. There’s no need to call an electrician. Ace expert, Mike Jakubowski, shows you how in this project.

  • Ace Shopping List: EZ-Seed

    Does your lawn need some TLC? Well you might want to add EZ-Seed to your Ace Shopping List. It will help get your lawn in tip-top shape.

  • Quick Fix: Testing Lawn Acidity

    Test your lawn’s acidity so you know exactly what to plant each year. Sean Buino shows you the easy how-to in this Quick Fix.

  • How to Add String Lights to your Backyard

    Looking to add a little ambiance to your outdoor space? String lights might be the perfect addition! Here’s how to add a post to your yard so you can string them up and across your backyard.

  • How to Build & Plant a Vegetable Garden

    In the summertime, there’s nothing better than having fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs right in your own backyard. In these segments, we walk you through how to put together a vegetable garden kit and the best soil to use for your plants. This is a fun family-friendly activity that everyone can get behind.

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