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This one time, Paul Konrad sniffed my armpits on live television.

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  • Listen: World’s Greatest Newspaper Television Podcast – Evening News Anchors Ben Bradley and Lourdes Duarte

    Ben and Lourdes have been anchoring the WGN Evening News at 4 p.m. for two years now. That made Brian and Ross wonder… what do they hate about each other? Do they like each other more than their previous co-anchors? What’s with Ben’s weird airplane obsession? Will Lourdes invite us to her wedding? Should Ben bring back this stache? Duarte and Bradley: an unrelenting investigative duo. But with the script flipped, it’s their turn to get into the hot seat. […]

  • Listen: World’s Greatest Newspaper Television Podcast – Weatherman Paul Konrad

    Paul Konrad is an international sex symbol. But you knew that… For Episode 6 of the World’s Greatest Newspaper Television Podcast, Brian and Ross sit down with the Morning Show weatherman. He tells us about his storied upbringing… from his days performing with his family’s Austrian folk group, the Traveling Konrads… to that time his father threw a television down the stairs… to that other time he was locked up in a Russian jail. Paul’s a survivor, and an artist. […]

  • Listen: World’s Greatest Newspaper Television Podcast – Morning Show Announcer Mike Toomey

    It’s the first episode of the new year…. This time, Brian and Ross sit down with Morning Show funny man Mike Toomey. He’s been making audiences laugh for more than 37 years as a stand-up comic. He’s also the announcer for the 9 a.m. show on the WGN Morning News. So you know this episode is gonna be funny. Seriously…look at this old picture of Mike: Funny, right? If you said yes, check out Mike Toomey’s show “TV&ME” in St. Charles on […]

  • Listen: World’s Greatest Newspaper Television Podcast – Director of Production Bob Vorwald

    It’s been a couple months, but we’re back…. In this episode…Brian and Ross explain why it took so long to bring you this lovely new episode. Then, they have a [PHONY] interview with Snoop Dogg, which is 100% [MANUFACTURED] credible [FAKE] and not at all [FAKE] faked/or edited [NOT REAL]. And in Conversations with the World’s Greatest, we sit down with WGN Director of Production Bob Vorwald. Bob is in charge of getting sporting events up and on the Channel […]

  • Director John Anderson talks about new doc: ‘Horn From The Heart: The Paul Butterfield Story’

    Director John Anderson joined the WGN Morning News Friday to talk about his new documentary “Horn From The Heart: The Paul Butterfield Story.” Paul Butterfield grew up in Hyde Park, and would go on to learn the blues from Muddy Waters and other blues masters on the city’s South Side. He’s considered one of the greatest blues harmonica players of all time. The interracial Paul Butterfield Blues Band released its first LP in 1965. It’s been called the #11 Blues […]

  • Producer Josh Karp talks about Orson Welles’ final film and “They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead”

    It’s been 40 years in the making…. Orson Welles started shooting “The Other Side of the Wind” in 1970. Principal photography wrapped six years later, but the film was never finished. Welles died in 1985. Now, nearly 50 years after he started shooting it, the film is being released on Netflix. And that’s not all… A documentary about the making of Welles’ final film is also hitting the streaming service. “They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead” follows the frantic production […]

  • Listen: World’s Greatest Newspaper Television Podcast – Security Director Friday

    WGNTVP turns three episodes old this week… In this episode, Ross returns from his honeymoon, and describes his favorite moment in an aural adventure like no other. Plus, do you know who Frazier Thomas is? Can you pick him out of this lineup of WGN personalities? A viewer text message inspires Brian to quiz some of the millennial WGN anchors to see if they know their station history. And after that, Brian sits down with WGN Security Director Friday. She […]

  • Listen: World’s Greatest Newspaper Television Podcast – News Director Jennifer Lyons

    The World’s Greatest Newspaper Television Podcast is back, and better than ever. For the second episode, Brian and Ross discuss the massive success of the first episode, and Brian wonders where his invitation is to Ross’s wedding. Then Brian ventures up to the WGN vault with Channel 9 “archivist” Anna Burkart. It was scary, but fun. Then in this week’s ‘Conversations with the World’s Greatest,’ Ross and Brian sit down with outgoing WGN News Director Jennifer Lyons. She tells us […]

  • Listen: World’s Greatest Newspaper Television Podcast – Special Projects Producer Pam Grimes

    For the first time ever, the Old Number Nine is launching a podcast. The World’s Greatest Newspaper Television Podcast is brought to you by morning show producers Brian Seay and Ross McAbee. For the first episode, Brian makes a HUGE announcement, while Ross walks us through one of his terrific (but also terrifying) tennis tips. We listen to some music from Chicago’s Very Own rapping teacher Dwayne Reed. And Brian sits down with retiring WGN Special Projects Producer Pam Grimes […]

  • Must Watch: Chicago’s Very Own rapping teacher Dwayne Reed releases ‘My Teacher Loves Me’

    Back in 2016, Chicago Heights native Dwayne Reed went viral with his back-to-school rap video “Welcome to the 4th Grade.” The video has more than 1.5 million views, and has garnered national attention for the educator, who has remained humble. “It’s not about me, it’s about the kids,” he told WGN back in August 2016, noting that one can “be a teacher and do music.” Well, it turns out he’s still doing music. This time, he’s getting a little help […]

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