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  • NASA’s Curiosity rover photographs object resembling mouse

    NASA’s Curiosity rover has been surveying Mars for more than three years and a picture taken last October has people scratching their heads about whether or not the red planet is inhabited by mice. The image was photographed Oct. 27 on the ridge of the 96-mile Gale Crater and the mysterious object resembling a mouse was spotted by Joe White, an amateur astronomer. Intrigued by the sighting, White enhanced the image and posted a video on YouTube claiming that the dark object captured […]

  • Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade pays tribute to Laquan McDonald on shoes

    While Dwyane Wade wasn’t able to walk aside demonstrators in Chicago, the Miami Heat guard found another way to memorialize slain teenager Laquan McDonald. Before the team’s matchup against the New York Knicks on Nov. 27, Wade showed his support by writing “#LaquanMcDonald,” “#Chicago” and “#Justice” on his shoes and posting the picture to Instagram. View this post on Instagram #laquanmcdonald #chicago #justice A post shared by dwyanewade (@dwyanewade) on Nov 27, 2015 at 8:25pm PST The post has received […]

  • Brussels police requests social media silence, citizens respond with cat tweets

    BRUSSELS — When Belgian police asked citizens to not tweet about the armed operations taking place throughout the country on Sunday, the public united in solidarity as one nation — under cats. Following the Paris attacks on Nov. 13, Belgian police conducted a series of raids in Central Brussels and detained 16 suspects. In an effort to keep their mission as stealth and successful as possible, the city’s armed forces issued an official request for citizens to keep off social media. The city […]

  • Belgian capital in terrorist threat lockdown

    BRUSSELS — With at least one suspect from the Paris attacks still at large and seen entering Belgium, the capital, Brussels, is under lockdown today with the threat level at its highest state of alert. Subways in Brussels are closed and heavily armed police and soldiers are on the streets. Prime Minister Charles Michel says the government has “quite precise information about the risk of an attack.” Speaking at a news conference today, he said the fear was that “several individuals with arms and […]

  • Oreo churros hit grocery stores

    Back in November 2014, Oreo launched the “Oreo Churro” and the innovative snack was met with great excitement from consumers. The product was originally offered in three varieties: traditional, double twisted and bites, but the only downfall was that customers had to heat the dessert up to be enjoyed and unfortunately, the only source of creme was the individual creme cups that came with the package. That’s all a thing of the past now, however, as J&J Snack Foods Corp. is […]

  • Oldest man in Illinois dies at age 112

    MAYWOOD, Ill. — If you were to call Wash Wesley and ask him how his day was going, his typical response would be, “I’m doing fine, thanks to the good Lord.” Wesley died Saturday, Nov. 14 from short illness at the age of 112 and was believed to be the oldest man in Illinois. He was born January 21, 1903 in Ferriday, Louisiana to John and Luella Wesley and moved to the city of Maywood, Illinois in 1950 where he worked for Elmwood Park […]

  • Chicago coffee shop gets you schooled, caffeinated with Coffee 101

    New study finds longevity connection to coffee drinking

    A new study conducted by the American Heart Association found that higher consumption of coffee, whether regular or decaf, could reduce the risk of deaths due to cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases, and suicide. The study included 200,000 women and 50,000 men and pulled data from surveys. The researchers asked U.S. adults how much coffee they consumed compared to other foods and drinks, and examined the individuals’ rates of death and disease over the next two decades. Ming Ding, a doctoral student in the […]

  • Parent outraged after CPS substitute teacher gives 6th graders lesson on Chief Keef

    CHICAGO — Chief Keef is known for many things in the city of Chicago. He’s a rapper with a rap sheet from Englewood who rose to fame for releasing music that most parents would consider too explicit for young ears. A substitute teacher at John Fiske Elementary School thought differently, however, and decided to devote an entire lesson plan to educating her sixth grade students on all things Chief Keef. The woman instructed her class of sixth-graders to research the controversial rapper […]

  • Husband of fallen 9/11 hero returns award given to late wife after Caitlyn Jenner wins same honor

    When news broke that Moira Smith, a 38-year-old police officer, died on 9/11 while moving wounded victims out of the World Trade Center, it brought tears to our eyes but simultaneously reestablished our faith in humanity. Smith was the only female among the 23 New York Police Department officers who lost their lives that day. A month after her death, Glamour Magazine honored the fallen hero  by naming her as one of the publication’s ‘Women of the Year.’ This past October, Glamour released a new […]

  • Anonymous launch video to declare war on ISIS

    An activist group of French hackers known only as Anonymous has released a YouTube video to announce the “biggest operation ever” against the Islamic State in wake of Friday’s deadly terrorist attacks in Paris. In the video, a representative from Anonymous explained in French how the individuals behind these attacks are “vermin” and “cannot go unpunished” for their deeds, according to a translation from CNBC. The unidentified speaker wore a Guy Fawkes mask and warned the terror group of impending cyber attacks that […]

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