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  • What to know when recreational marijuana becomes legal in Illinois Jan. 1

    Where will I be able to buy recreational marijuana? So far, 35 medical marijuana dispensaries across Illinois have been approved to also sell recreational marijuana. What will I need in order to purchase? You’ll need a state-issued ID or driver’s license to enter a dispensary. No medical card is needed, but your ID will need to be unaltered. Can I use a credit card to purchase? Probably not. Because marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, most credit card […]

  • Interactive map: Where recreational marijuana will be sold in Illinois beginning Jan. 1

    CHICAGO — On Jan. 1, 2020, Illinois becomes the 11th state in the nation to allow the use of recreational marijuana. As early as 6 a.m. on New Years Day, pot and other products, like THC gummies, will be legal to purchase. Of Illinois’ 55 medical cannabis dispensaries, 35 were approved to sell recreational marijuana. These 35 locations are featured in map above. Anyone who’s 21 or older, with a valid drivers license, will be able to buy cannabis products […]

  • 2nd-grader says ‘hi’ to Santa, Elf on the Shelf before giving Friday’s weather forecast

    Friday Forecaster: Jonathan Cano, 2nd grade, Hammond Elementary School

  • Mr. Fix It with holiday gift ideas for the handy

    Mr. Fix It is back with ideas for holiday gifts for the handy.

  • Winter overnight parking ban goes into effect, at least 250 towed in first night

    CHICAGO – Chicago’s winter overnight parking ban goes into effect Sunday at midnight, affecting 107 miles of main city roads. Even if there is no snow on the ground, vehicles cannot be parked on restricted curb lanes between 3 and 7 a.m. until April 1. The annual winter parking ban helps ensure roadways remain clear for salt spreading plows during winter storms, according to the city’s Streets and Sanitation department. Snow built up next to parked vehicles can impede the […]

  • Art Institute of Chicago’s iconic lions receive holiday wreaths

    CHICAGO – In another beloved Chicago holiday tradition, the Art Institute of Chicago’s iconic lions received their giant evergreen wreaths Friday morning. The museum marked the event with free hot chocolate for guests and holiday music performed by the Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus. Free art activities were also held at the Ryan Learning Center following the wreathing ceremony.

  • Great Lakes Navy recruits celebrate Thanksgiving at West Leyden High School

    NORTHLAKE, Ill. – They’re away from home and serving our country – but much to their surprise, recruits from the Great Lakes naval base were treated like family. That’s thanks to everyone who prepared dinner for them at West Leyden High School. The school’s choir performed for the recruits as they enjoyed their meal. To repay the choir for its performance, the recruits busted out in military cadence and sang their own song. Recruits also got laptops and cell phones […]

  • Scientists have discovered a ‘monster’ black hole that’s so big it shouldn’t exist

    XINGLONG, China – Scientists have discovered a “monster black hole” so massive that, in theory, it shouldn’t exist. It’s a stellar black hole — the type that forms after stars die, collapse and explode. Researchers had previously believed that the size limit was no more than 20 times the mass of our sun because as these stars die, they lose most of their mass through explosions that expel matter and gas swept away by stellar winds. This theory has now […]

  • Mr. Fix It with tips for unclogging drains after Thanksgiving

    Mr. Fix It is back with tips for unclogging your drains after Thanksgiving dinner.

  • 50,000 Cook County food stamp recipients need to find jobs to continue getting benefits in 2020

    CHICAGO — The strong economy and the low jobless rate have prompted Cook County officials to impose new restrictions on food stamps. About 50,000 Illinois food stamp recipients who do not find jobs next year risk losing their benefits, the Chicago Tribune reported. There are 1.8 million recipients in the program, commonly known as SNAP, in Illinois. The restrictions will apply to able-bodied recipients under 50 who are not living with children or other dependents. Those who fall into those […]

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